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Comparing Cannabis and Alcohol

Imagine a parallel universe of alcohol prescriptions and cards.

by Nick Nguyen

by Nick Nguyen

BuzzFeed dropped a new video piece on the stigmatic plight of Mary Jane, titled "If We Treated Alcohol Like We Treat Weed."

While there should be no direct associations drawn between the respective effects of the two substances, it should be noted that during Prohibition in the United States, alcohol was both categorically illicit, and coveted by the general public - not unlike cannabis today.

Thus comes the establishment of an American paradigm shift, and the cycle of rejection and acceptance of mainstream substances, as well as the politically arbitrary legality behind society’s desires and needs.

As marijuana legislation and perception continues to evolve, so does the science, the technology, and the medical innovations.  Unlike its historical analogue, the possibilities are relevant and endless.


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Nick Nguyen

Nick is a student living in Los Angeles studying creative writing.



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