Comedian Jeff Ross to Host "Pot Roast" Comedy Show at Onsite Consumption Lounge in Palm Springs
Looking for something to do on the weekend of August 12th in Southern California? Well, it just so happens the Pot Roast comedy show is taking place at an onsite consumption lounge and dispensary that night. And it's hosted by none other than Jeff Ross. (You're welcome.)
Published on July 20, 2021

After a year of panic, politics, and developing antisocial tendencies, many of us are out in the world and happily watching the pandemic fade in our rearview mirrors. What a fucking relief. Who knew we’d miss the stifled, sweaty moments of gathering with strangers in bars, restaurants, or at concerts? Who knew we loved each other so much?

Now that gathering is back in session, people have never been more down to go out and party. Attending events has never felt so good. And, FINALLY, one of Southern California’s littest comedy shows is coming to the desert for a night of hazy hilarity. On August 12, the Pot Roast, featuring iconic roastmaster Jeff Ross, is coming to the Four Twenty Bank dispensary in Palm Springs for a night of side-splitting comedy and onsite consumption, where you can laugh your ass off and get high as fuck at the same damn time. 

Interestingly, the Four Twenty Bank is a fully licensed cannabis dispensary and consumption lounge that was once a Wells Fargo Bank. Crazy, right? It's nice to see institutions that upheld prohibition turn into cannabis hubs. Anyway, this opulent venue features an impressive offering of legal products, billiard tables, an arcade — located in the vault, no less — and a proper main stage with lighting and PA systems for live music and comedy. Basically, this place is now designed to host epic parties.

The Pot Roast is brought to you by Immersia Live, a media, tech, wellness, and live event platform that is quickly becoming a major voice in the wellness properties of The Plant. The Immersia team has a ton of experience in comedy and entertainment as the co-creators of the ODDBALL Festival as well as Jeff and Larry’s Great American BBQ, and now partnering with long time festival and music promoter John Reese, who's curated and or produced over 50 music and entertainment festivals over the past years.  


Four Twenty Bank dispensary and onsight consumption lounge.

So what are you waiting for? Cannabis and comedy go together like peanut butter and jelly — and you have a chance to be a part of this delightful spread. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get roasted and toasted with the master himself. 

Tickets start at $45 and are on sale NOW! Click here for more info.

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