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Chris Brown and Soulja Boy Will Face Off in a Celebrity Boxing Match

When social media beef hits the fan.

by Adrian Nuñez

2017 is off to a fast start when it comes to celebrity beef. Just days ago, Soulja Boy really pissed off Chris Brown by commenting a heart eyed emoji on Karruche’s (Brown’s ex) Instagram post. The high-profile crooner was less than pleased, and serious social media slander quickly ensued.

Through it all, Soulja and Breezy have been escalating the online beef aggressively, and the pair have now confirmed they will be fighting each other in a celebrity match. Unfortunately, it won’t be a Celebrity Deathmatch or the “hell in a cell” type of fight we we're hoping for, but a convential boxing match. Though no date has been set yet, the inimitable Soulja has boxer Floyd Mayweather in his corner as his trainer, while Brown has tapped 50 Cent to prepare him for the fight.

Stay tuned for more details on this petty beef. Tupac and Biggie are almost certainly turning over in their respective graves, but at least this could make for an entertaining event, especially if they both were to somehow win by K.O. 



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