Chris Brown Had a Yard Sale, Fan Buys Hoodie with Weed Hidden in Pocket
Fans lined up for hours outside of the multi-platinum singer’s SoCal mansion to buy second hand sneakers and clothes, but one shopper went home with an extra special gift — free weed.
Published on November 11, 2019

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Chris Brown opened his home up to fans in an effort to clean out his closet and clear out some clothes last week, but ended the afternoon by inadvertently gifting a fan a few grams of ganja. 

Outside of his pop hits, dancing skills, and repeated run-ins with the law, Chris Brown is known for his obsession with sneakers, clothing, and all things street fashion. So when Brown announced a public yard sale at his Tarzana, California home late last week, fans lined up for blocks to pick through the singer’s second-hand selection of limited edition Nikes, Supreme t-shirts, and Gucci garments.

And for one lucky fan, the purchase of a hooded sweatshirt came with an extra special addition — a medical bottle filled with weed. The lucky fan quickly snapped photos of the unexpected bounty and sent them to TMZ, where photos of the hoodie and bud were published alongside snapshots of Thursday’s front yard flea market.

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The cannabis in question was packaged in a plastic pill bottle featuring a graphic sticker with the label “Panda Smoke” and a picture of a cartoon panda toking up. To add another layer of stoner comedy to the story, the stash spot sweatshirt in question was a hoodie from designer Christopher Shannon featuring the word “Tumbleweed” printed across the chest.

Thankfully for Brown, cannabis is completely legal in California, and as long as the yard sale patron in question was above the age of 21, the accidental ganja gift was completely above board as far as the cops are concerned. 

As for the strain variety and quality of Chris Brown’s kush, the lucky celebrity thrifter has not yet reported whether the singer’s stash was straight piff or nothing but mids. 

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