Change Seasons with These Cannabis Beauty Products
Transform from a summer beach babe into a fall fashion sorceress.
Published on August 26, 2017

As summer winds to a close, the clean-shaven, newly tan effigy of your former self who once bought bikinis and planning road trips has devolved into an over-heated, over-liquored bore existing in the purgatory between visions of fall and fears of winter. After weeks of existential fatigue that manifested as two weeks locked inside your air-conditioned room watching Sopranos in full, it might be time to change up your look, and vibe in general.

A la coconut oil or bentonite clay, cannabis is well on its to becoming the new "it" ingredient in natural skin care. In the past few years, the cannabinoid CBD, found in marijuana or derived from hemp, has risen to popularity due to its ability to combat inflammation, acne, and signs of aging. While boutique skincare brands like Apothecanna and CBD for Life offer full lines utilizing this magical cannabinoid, mainstream companies have begun to incorporate hemp seed oil into makeup that nourishes and conditions, all the while making you look fabulous.

In fitting with the fall season's integral notion of change, press restart on your style with these cannabis beauty products.

The GLOW Serum


Depending on how lit your summer was, your skin might need some help. Between acne-causing sunscreen, the wrinkling effects of tanning, and dryness from chlorine and salt water, overexposure can catch you looking just shy of shipwrecked. To reverse the litany of skin-sacrificing mistakes you've undoubtedly made, go for The GLOW, a youth-oriented, hydration serum from Jeffrey James Botanicals.

In addition to the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids found in hemp seed oil, The Glow utilizes a delicate blend of extracts like geranium and joba joba to regenerate skin tissue, firm, tighten and halt the production of acne-causing oils. Enter fall hydrated and refreshed, like a dew-kissed nymph from the Glossier ad of your dreams.

Lip Tar

The only problem I've found with hemp-based cosmetics is they tend to be a little tame. Prior to the cannabis revolution we currently find ourselves in, hemp beauty products were only found in the back of health food stores, marked by a line dirty samples. Thankfully, hemp has moved to a new stratosphere of inclusion in cosmetics. Neutral palettes and berry-tinted chapsticks are great for the daytime, but if you're in a latex dress at the club, a bold lip is in order.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' Lip Tar is leading the way in professional quality hemp lip color, in terms of pigmentation and wearability. Made with a soothing blend of hemp oil and vitamin E, this cruelty-free liquid lipstick lasts forever, giving the intrepid hemp consumer the option to rock every color imaginable. Beige and plum for brisk, productive days, electric blue and glitter pink for blurry but exciting nights, be prepared for everything getting back to real life entails.


Like Lip Tar, Ardency Inn's MODSTER BIG Mascara is awesome because it offers the drama of real makeup with guilt-free ingredients that also nourish. Hemp protein boosts the Modster formula, enabling keratin creation, strengthening the lash from within. In addition to adding volume, the hemp actually stimulates the lash to grow thicker and longer.

I've been using it about a year now. No matter how many layers you apply, it never clumps or hardens. Lashes look dark, but feel soft. Also, it's a vegan (and of course cruelty-free) product, which seems especially important when the product in question is being applied directly to your eye.

Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze Hair Treatment

By the time September rolls around, my hair is typically in shambles. Maybe because I'm blonde with thin, porous strands that plague the fair-haired, but between chlorine dying it green and breakage from endless days in the sun, some serious TLC needs to occur.

The Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze Hair Treatment by Lush is a stunning, intensely floral correction therapy. Organic hemp, coconut, brazil nut and other hydrating oils tame whatever dried out, tattered mess you find yourself in, as a red henna infusion adds a brilliant shine. While the boho thing works in the summer, fall is a time to be chic. Avoid the risk of seasonal faux pas. Apply this hair mask, and burn a baja on the first night of Fashion Week.

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