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Chance the Rapper Stars in New Kit Kat Halloween Ad

"Chance the Wrapper."

by Adrian Nuñez

2016 has certainly been Chance the Rapper’s year. The Chicago emcee released his Coloring Book to critical acclaim, owned key guest spots on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo, paid tribute to Muhammad Ali on ESPN, and even launched his own festival.

Today, Chance adds to an already impressive campaign by starring in Kit Kat’s latest ad. The Halloween themed spot sees “Chance the Wrapper” candy shopping and even features a brand new rendition of the chocolate wafer’s iconic jingle. Chance the Rapper: jingle man. This young man is quickly becoming a legend in his own right. Watch the spot here


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Adrian Nuñez is a writer from New Jersey who has contributed work on the topics of music, fashion, and general dope shit for publications like Mass Appeal, Esquire, and Sole Collector.



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