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The Complete Rundown of Celebrity Cannabis Businesses

Does your favorite star have one?

by Avital Norman Nathman

It’s no secret that many celebrities enjoy cannabis, and as voters continue to legalize medical and recreational marijuana across the country, many of them are taking their love for the plant to the next level and starting their own cannabis lines. How exactly they’re contributing to the growing industry differs greatly—flower and concentrate lines, cannabis paraphernalia, tinctures, hemp-based health and beauty products, and more. The list continues to grow, so check back regularly to see which celebs are cashing in on cannabis and how!

Wiz Khalifa

Canna-business: Khalifa Kush and Taylor’d Extracts

The heavy-smoking rapper not only had a strain of cannabis named after him at San Francisco’s Cookie Co. 415 dispensary, he also teamed with Colorado-based company RiverRock on flowers and concentrates.

Snoop Dogg

Canna-business: Leafs by Snoop

Nobody does it like the top dog, Snoop. Long associated with weed, he’s truly become an industry leader when it comes to blending cannabis and celebrity. From this very website to his beautifully packaged LBS line, which features flower, shatter, wax, chocolates, and other candies, he knows how to do it right.

Big Duke (of Psycho Realm)

Canna-business: SicRocks and Mexican Morsels

Like Kurupt, Ghostface, and Killah Priest, the rapper hooked up with Dr. Zodiak on some potent product, including Mexican Morsels edibles and SicRocks, which mash up Kush, hash oil, and kief. Try them and you may enter a real-life psycho realm.

Jimi Hendrix

Canna-business: Jimi’s Cannabis Collection and Jimi’s Meds

Family licensing drama notwithstanding, this line makes perfect sense, considering the legendary Seattle rocker is commonly associated with counterculture and drug use—including but not limited to cannabis. The psychedelic design and extensive medical and recreational product line, from flower and medicated throat spray to a grocery aisle’s worth of edibles, presumably makes this perfect for when the wind cries mari…juana.


Canna-business: Kurupt’s Moonrock

The rapper teamed with Dr. Zodiak in 2014 to create what is one of the strongest highs available. Made with flower, hash oil, and kief, their spacey-looking rocks and pre-roll blunts will seriously launch you into orbit.

Montel Williams

Canna-business: Abatin Wellness Center

This popular daytime TV show host and multiple sclerosis patient got in on cannabis early, opening a high-end Sacramento dispensary as part of the Abatin Wellness Cooperative back in 2011. Williams, who has always been open about his medical marijuana use, has been a longtime champion of legalizing the plant.

Die Antwoord

Canna-business: Zef Zol

The South African rave-rap duo recently launched a special edition line with the Natural Cannabis Company as part of its High Life Series. It includes includes a variety of sweets like gummies and cocoa puffs, as well as a vape pen.

The Game

Canna-business: G Lemonade and G Stiks

The California rapper teamed with G Farma Labs on a line of pre-rolled, cannabis oil-dipped joints and cannabis-infused lemonade. Don’t read too much into his gang history and the color classification of the pre-rolls. They’re good in any hood.

Ghostface Killah and Killah Priest

Canna-business: Wu Goo and Yellow Dynamite

The Wu Tang Clan member and Wu affiliate teamed with Dr. Zodiak to promote healing with vape pens, CBD oil, and THC oil cartridges that come in tasty flavors like pineapple-coconut and vanilla-mango. Plus, their raps about the products are awesome, as is saying “Wu Goo.”

Melissa Etheridge

Canna-business: Know Label Private Reserve

The rocker credits cannabis for helping her get through chemotherapy during her 2004 battle against breast cancer. Now, California patients can access some of the same medical benefits with her relaxing, pot-infused wine tinctures. She also has a flower line, Med Rocks, in the works.

The Marley Family

Canna-business: Marley Natural and JuJu Royal

Is it any surprise that more than one Marley family member broke into the cannabis industry? Marley Natural is the official Bob Marley cannabis brand and offers flower and vape cartridges, as well as paraphernalia and hemp body care products. JuJu Royal, from his musician son Julian, features flower, vape pens and cartridges, and baked goods. Will competing lines make things awkward at family gatherings?

Tommy Chong

Canna-business: Chong’s Choice

It’s no surprise that one half of the seminal counterculture comedy duo Cheech and Chong has his own cannabis line. Chong, who’s treated his own medical ailments with cannabis, has long been involved in the marijuana industry and with activism, and now he’s blessed the world with a brand that offers up everything from Chong-approved flower to THC-infused breath strips!

Roseanne Barr

Canna-business: Roseanne’s Joint

Laughter may be the best medicine, but that’s not all this comedian and actor is offering. Patients in California can soon head to Santa Ana to the dispensary she invested in and pick up her flower strains as well as pot-laced, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts grown on her farm.

Willie Nelson

Canna-business: Willie’s Reserve

The country music icon and longtime cannabis activist lets folks know on his site that “my stash is your stash.” A quick perusal of the site will let you know that his stash is pretty damn awesome, with flower grown by independent farmers, as well as vape pens and cartridges. We’d expect nothing less from the legend!

Whoopi Goldberg

Canna-business: Whoopi and Maya

Whoopi Goldberg has never been shy about her appreciation for cannabis, even talking about it openly as a co-host on The View. Her new line includes both topicals and edibles that are specifically manufactured to provide relief from menstrual discomfort!


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Avital Norman Nathman is a freelance writer and professional feminist killjoy. Her work has been featured in Bitch Magazine, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, The Frisky, SheKnows, CNN, and more. Follow her on Twitter @TheMamafesto



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