Celebrate the Fall Equinox with These Cosmic, Cozy Canna-Products
Autumn is here, and while shorter days and colder nights are ahead, it’s also prime stoner season. To enhance that special sweater-weather feeling, these seasonally-appropriate THC treats are a must.
Published on September 22, 2017

Today marks the Fall Equinox, and our official descent from the languid days of summer to autumn's excited sweater-wearing and less obligatory holidays. Despite social media's newfound obsession with the celestial going-ons that supposedly dictate the wackness of our day-to-day life, I realized I had no idea what an Equinox technically entailed.

According to (lol), "The Autumnal Equinox happens the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator, which is an imaginary line in the sky that corresponds to Earth's equator. Every year this occurs on September 22, 23, or 24 in the northern hemisphere. From hereon, the days get shorter until the Winter Solstice in December, when the light will begin its slow climb back to long summer days. Winter Solstice is technically the shortest day of the year, while the Summer Solstice in June boasts the most sunlight."

In other words, it's about to get dark. Short days are coming, each colder than the next, preempting cuffing season and its accompanying winter malaise, which is likely to destroy that relationship by the time spring rolls around anyway. While this might not seem like something to celebrate, it's also stoner season. What could be better than curling up inside beneath some blankets, and getting high as the cold wind howls?

In a two-fold ploy to get you excited about something that kind of sucks, here are some cosmic products to properly observe the Equinox in it's celestial, Instagram-worthy glory, as well as some cozy canna-products to get you in the spirit of staying indoors for the foreseeable future.

Moon Edibles

With iridescent shades and fractal designs, these psychedelic little bars look like something one might stumble upon near Roswell. In this case, the product's unearthly aesthetic has a supernatural potency to match, with enough THC to wipe full days from your calendar.

Moon Edibles Megadose Chocolate Bars are the perfect cosmic companion for a season spent indoors. Available in flavors like Spaceman Mint and Blasted Toffee, each contains a whopping 250mg THC. While there is a dosage tracker graphic on the back, suggesting each serving at 25mg, it's up to you how to allocate their power, or rather, what days are worth sleeping through.

For more on Moon Edibles, visit their Instagram here

Compound Collection Dab Rig from Hitman Glass

Taking dabs in the summer can be somewhat of a nightmare. Between sweating, heaving, and being too stoned/hot to move, it's gross. However, as the temperature drops and the inside of your apartment becomes increasingly inviting, so does a dab rig. The staggering high and ensuing couch lock is no longer scary, as there's little point in braving the cold anyway.

The Compound Collection from weed world dynamo Hitman Glass exists at the pinnacle of dab rig culture. These wild creations feature multiple chambers and hit smoothly, all in the form of a trippy art piece that's spaced-out in its own right.

Visit Hitman Glass' website, for more on their next-level dabbing gear

Mirth Provisions Legal Sparkling Tonics

Skip the utter embarrassment of ordering anything "pumpkin spiced," (which, aside from being the most basic atrocity one could ever commit, is inherently problematic as pumpkin isn't a spice), and jumpstart your autumn palette with a more refined fall flavor.

Mirth Provisions Legal Sparkling Tonic is a fabulous elixir centered around tailoring the power of fruits and the power of cannabis into a drink promoting whole body wellness. Using only Long Beach Peninsula cranberries and cannabis extracted from homegrown flower using a combination of processes (C02 extraction, Short Path Distillation, and Supercritical Fluid Extraction — a new process that creates a "complete" oil in terms of the medicinal benefits, flavonoids, and terpenoids that can get lost in C02 extraction), their beverages are all-natural and on the path to proper Organic certification.

Equally high in CBD and THC, the Cranberry Tonic offers a mellow high that won't freak you out by becoming too cerebral. In addition to the whole UTI thing, cranberries are known to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce blood pressure, and ward off cancers. Replace countless bottles of Trader Joe's wine with some Mirth, and emerge vibrant and stoned, complete with a sparkling urinary tract.

Visit Mirth Provisions' website for more on their Legal Sparkling Tonics

Dixie Elixirs Bath Soak

There are few experiences in this world that are as cosmic as they are cozy. Soaking in a THC bubble bath is one of them. With Dixie Elixirs Bath Soak, 100 mg of pure-extracted THC blends with rosemary, lavender, and cedar to produce the most euphoric bath of your life.

At the end of a cold, shitty day, pour 2-5 ounces of the solution into a warm bath. Soak for at least 15 minutes, and float in amazement as tension, pain, and general melancholy transform into the purest form of relaxation.

Visit Dixie Elixirs' website for more on their amazing cannabis delights

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