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Canna-Products to Fuel the Curiosity of the Free-Wheeling Sagittarius
culture  |  Nov 30, 2017

Canna-Products to Fuel the Curiosity of the Free-Wheeling Sagittarius

It’s the month of the Sagittarius, and these cannabis delights will quell your favorite Sag’s impatient habits and blunt nature — including one innovative blunt wrap.

It’s the month of the Sagittarius, and these cannabis delights will quell your favorite Sag’s impatient habits and blunt nature — including one innovative blunt wrap.

The Sagittarius is an open-minded person, whose philosophical inclinations often find 'em wandering about in search of the meaning of life. Whether this suggests a proclivity for backpacking through Europe or going an impulsive road trip, these sojourns tend to evolve into a (hopefully less nauseating) Eat, Pray, Love situation, whether the Sagittarius is conscious of it or not.

Sagittarii (the plural form, who knew!) tend to be likeable people, armed with a great sense of humor and extroverted disposition, traits that lend themselves towards a desire to travel and generally shake things up. On the downside, however, they are blunt — very blunt — and will say anything no matter how undiplomatic. Their unbridled optimism tends to get them into trouble when it comes to delivering on promises, sacrificing concrete expectations for the excitement of possibility.

According to the divine wisdom that is Astrology-zodiac-signs.com: "Freedom is their greatest treasure, because only then can they freely travel and explore different cultures and philosophies. Because of their honesty, Sagittarius-born are often impatient and tactless when they need to say or do something, so it's important to learn to express themselves in a tolerant and socially acceptable way."

As the holiday season, packed with rampant consumerism, is upon us, here are some canna-products to gift the Sagittarius in your life at their best and their worst, whether they need to read up, quiet down, or get the hell out of this country.

Love of Travel: Elevate Dugout Kit V2

Stemming from a combination of impulsivity and an insatiable curiosity, a love of travel is one of the Sagittarius' defining traits. However, as we all know, outside of legal states, traveling with cannabis can be a risky affair, especially for the Sagittarius whose head tends to remain in the clouds.

To ensure the safety of your Sag as they skip about the globe, get them an Elevate Dugout Kit. Available in either Black Walnut or Hard Maple, these gorgeous little kits are about the size of a business card and hold up to two grams of ground herb. They also include a cute glass joint to smoke it out of. The tool features 12 rare earth magnets that snap shut, creating an air and water-tight seal. This means no smell will emit, perfect for border-jumping, train-hopping, or whatever other semi-dangerous (and super fun) situation your Sag may find themselves in this year.

Visit Elevate Accessories' website for more on their Dugout Kit

Curiosity: "Hemp Bound" by Doug Fine

As someone with a Sagittarius for a best friend, I can personally attest to their insatiable curiosity — a trait that can either be very helpful or get them into tons of emotional (and physical) trouble. Whether reading themselves into a well of knowledge, or lurking their ex-boyfriend's Instagram ad nauseum, the Sagittarius will get to the goddamn bottom of things, for better or worse.

To direct this untethered curiosity in a positive direction, get them Hemp Bound: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution by Doug Fine. While I haven't personally read the book, the concept of Hempenomics (the idea that hemp is the answer to our current economical and political woes) is extremely interesting, something I've been delving into as of late, as have various state governments.

"Get ready for the newest billion-dollar industry," proclaims the text's bio. "Fine's journey will not only leave you wondering why we ever stopped cultivating this miracle crop, it will fire you up to sow a field of it for yourself, for the nation's economy, and for the planet."

Watch as your Sagittarius friend transforms into a hempenomics warrior, spreading the gospel of cannabis and channeling their energy and vigor into dethroning the oppressive powers that be. Wouldn't you prefer that instead of them sending you screenshots of how annoying their ex's new girlfriend was on Instagram three years ago?

For more on Doug Fine's hemp-heavy text, order it online here

Impatience: 1906 GO Chocolates

Sagittarii are extremely impatient, meaning they want what they want and when they want it is NOW! This can end up being negative when it comes to indulging in psychoactive substances with a Sag, as they tend to double dose instead of waiting for the initial round to kick in.

1906's GO line is specifically formulated in a way that will appease the high energy, low patience Sag. A combination of coffee, theanine, caffeine, theobromine, and yohimbe perfectly complement the dosage of 5mg THC / 5mg CBD per chocolate. The brand's rapid delivery technology was created by a former Wall Street exec, whose mission is to bring cannabis use into the mainstream. (Unlike the typical Sagittarius, we'll hold our opinions on that for now). Each piece of hand-crafted dark chocolate takes about 15 minutes to deliver results, opposed to the typical edibles wait time of 60-90 minutes — far too long for the active mind of our Sagittarius friends.

Visit 1906's website for more on their GO chocolates

Sharp Tongue: SuperLeaf All-Natural Lettuce Leaf Blunt Wraps

The bluntness of the Sagittarius is a silver-lined Achilles Heel. While it can make for some incredibly awkward situations, I've always prefered to get the truth over a saccharine, clearly-fictionalized opinion that's been tailored to spare one's feelings. However, for those situations when you need your Sagittarius to chill out and quiet down, what could be better than a big blunt? (Pun intended).

SuperLeaf's All-Natural Lettuce Blunt Wraps are the first of their kind, completely organic, and tobacco-free. Looking like a cross between a rolling paper and a fronto leaf, these wraps — made entirely from non-GMO lettuce leaf — burn extremely slow and feature a thin, sticky surface that makes them easy to roll without the presence of icky chemical adhesives. So next time you're around a bonfire and your Sagittarius begins to disrupt the vibe, barreling head-first into a socio-political conversation with the world's worst person at the world's worst time, hit them with a lettuce blunt and watch as they ease into an introspective silence.

Visit Superior Leaf's website for more on their All-Natural Lettuce Blunt Wraps

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Lindsay MaHarry is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in Vice, The Observer, Bullett, Gawker, Fanzine, and others. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.