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Bradgelina Breakup Sparks ‘Bad Pitt’ Deodorant Sales

Here's how the famous couple fueled a hemp product.

by Michael Geslani

With all the rumors circulating throughout media about the Bradgelina breakup it was only appropriate for the makers of a hemp based deodorant called “Bad Pitt” to strike gold this week. Their sales have more than tripled since the couple's infamous break-up the company, Hemporium Limited said. 

“We knew that we’d invented something important,” co-founder Rick Goodent said. Goodent has seen sales skyrocket, but the company was totally unaware the couple were going to separate after releasing the deodorant earlier this week. "We had no idea it’d catch on with the public so quickly.”

Goodent said the company received  a “cease and desist order” for using Brad Pitt lookalikes in their advertising campaign. The charges were later dropped and Hemporium Limited was able to keep using Pitt’s fame at will.

Does this mean Brad Pitt is all for the hemp based product? Probably not but now rumors are pointing towards Pitt’s pot use to blame for the divorce.


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Michael Geslani is a Silicon Valley based writer who graduated from San Jose State University. You can follow him on IG @careerhigh.



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