Blowing Smoke to the Sky: Celebrate This Full Moon with These Ultra-Vibey Weed Products
Celebrate the mysticism of this powerful full moon with these truly incredible cannabis products.
Published on March 26, 2021

La Luna. The Goddess of the evening sky. The celestial conductor of ocean tides and nocturnal animals. The moon is one of the most magnificent features of our natural environment. Whether you believe our night skies are lit up by nothing more than a natural satellite, or you honor the mysticism of her divine influence upon humanity,  the moon is a significant feature of our experience here on Earth. 

That's why people have celebrated her for thousands of years. She creates a rhythm for humans and animals to live by. So when you celebrate the loving vibration of cannabis and the nurturing energy of a full moon, you're tapping in to nature's omnipotence, which will surely help you sow the seeds of growth. 

The moon is powerful. Cannabis is powerful. You are also powerful. That's why we created this list: Because we want you to be the most alchemical version of yourself. And if you're anything like us, you know that cannabis can help you get there. So enjoy this Libra full moon, or worm moon, by taking some time to tend to the soil of yourself. Howl at the moon if you have to! Reclaim a sense of balance and self-compassion, and amplify that energy through the power of the Green Goddess. Here are some products to help facilitate mindful alchemy. Enjoy!


Galactic Greens

A call to all stargazers and cosmonauts this full moon: Strap in and prepare for lift-off with Galactic Greens cosmic chronic!

Galactic Greens offers a variety of premium hemp-based products that are out of this world. Our potent 1g oil cartridges contain 95 percent delta-8 THC with incredible flavors such as Sour Space Candy, Banana Kush, Tangerine Haze, and more! 

You can also explore the inner and outer workings of the universe with Galactic Greens’ gummies. Each gummy packs 25mg of delta-8 in every bite, making it a perfect companion for all your intergalactic space adventures.

Visit and enjoy 15 percent off your first order.


Linx Vapor

Blast off to the moon with the Linx Apollo What we would give to be able to go on a trip to space — floating weightlessly surrounded by planets and stars? Yes, please! Elon Musk sells tickets for a private ride in a SpaceX shuttle, but at $55 million a ticket, it’s a bit outside of our budget. The good news is that nowadays, we have access to some amazing pieces of tech that can also launch you into space at a fraction of the cost. 

Behold the Linx Apollo, the latest vaporizer by Linx Vapor. The most versatile, powerful, and perhaps the best concentrate vaporizer of 2021. This compact little device can be used in two ways: The first is as a portable vaporizer to get the most out of your extracts while on the go, or you can use it as an e-nail and attach it to pretty much any bong to make a complete and powerful desktop device. 

The quartz atomizer propagates the heat evenly giving you optimal taste, zero waste, and is a breeze to maintain. With its four temperature settings and unrestricted heat boost, you are free to customize your sessions to your needs. Whether you want to observe the full moon from the peace of your home enjoying your favorite extracts, or blasting off into the sky, the Linx Apollo truly does it all.

Linx Vapor is a health-conscious and innovation-driven cannabis vaporizer company. Their vaporizers earned many awards from industry-leading media outlets. With a price of $259.99, the Linx Apollo is the best premium value vaporizer for you to enjoy the full moon and welcome in the spring! 

For more information and to get your Linx Apollo, visit:



Motivated by ingenuity and passion, Hitoki is creating a new way to consume healthy herbs. With the advent of the Trident, our cutting-edge laser device, we’re proud to bring a product to the market that speaks directly to consumer sensibilities, technology, innovation, and wellness. The Trident meets somewhere in the middle — between reliable glass pieces that we all know and love, and the cleaner experience you get from vaporizers. 

The Trident blends the two experiences with its patent-pending laser system, which fires a laser beam straight into the herbs. It’s similar to how a magnifying glass can culminate intense energy from the sun (solar hits, anyone?) and singe whatever is in its line of fire. We’ve created a product that’s clean and energy-efficient. Just like the magnifying glass scenario, you’ll never have to worry about butane fumes altering the flavor, or even entering consumers' lungs. No more having to stock up on hemp wick! 

Some of the main features of this device include a powerful battery that’s fast charging and will provide 280+ clean ignitions with a single charge. It’s also built with sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum. The Trident has FDA standard safety interlocks and has been third-party safety tested. Experience clean, laser combustion, with the Trident from Hitoki.

For more information visit: 


Hemp of the Rockies

This full-spectrum lavender moisturizing hemp lotion is loaded with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and other nutrients to help renew and rejuvenate skin. It's organic, vegan, and loaded with 500mg of CBD. It leaves your skin soft and supple, which is especially needed at higher elevations.

Hemp of the Rockies' skincare products are all made with organic, full-spectrum CBD oil that they grow and source themselves. They currently have farms in Colorado, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Kentucky, and live organic and sustainable lifestyles. They practice soil reclamation through phytoremediation, for instance, which is a method of cleaning the soil and returning carbon back into the earth. 

The human race has to treat the planet with respect before we destroy her with our synthetic environment. That's why using skincare products are made with love and devotion from seed to table body and soul.

For more information, visit:


Mello Bottoms CBD Suppositories

Before you say, “you want me to put what in where?” just hear us out. We know suppositories probably weren’t the first thing you thought of when you started looking up ways to get your CBD dose. We’re willing to bet they weren’t your second, or third, or even fourth thought either. People are afraid to talk about them — but not Mello Bottoms.

Etch out some time in your calendar to unwind, and let Mello Bottoms take you there! These are great for total relaxation. For sexy time, these increase sensitivity and sensation while aiding with dryness, and lubrication. And can be also used for lower body discomfort for those who get periods or have IBS. 

The best part about suppositories is that they are easy to administer and dose. Since CBD has greater bioavailability and absorption when administered in this manner, you’ll start to feel the effects of your 75mg dose in just 10 minutes. Bottoms up, baby.

For more information visit:

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