Spooky, Sexy, Stoned: BigMike’s Haunted Halloween Bash Did Not Disappoint
The CEO of Advanced Nutrients threw his annual Halloween ripper in LA this past weekend and it was nothing short of legendary.
Published on November 2, 2017

All photos courtesy of BigMike and Advanced Nutrients

BigMike, or "The King of Cannabis" as he's sometimes referred to, is famous for a lot of things. There's his title as CEO of Advanced Nutrients, one of the premier cannabis companies in the game, which makes weed-enhancing fertilizers. There's his ever-ballooning social media presence, boasting 1.4 million followers on Instagram alone. Plus, who could forget his infamous weed-print Ferrari, complete with his likeness painted on its hood? And however notorious BigMike may be, his parties are nothing short of legendary.

This year's installment of BigMike's annual Haunted Halloween bash, a Hollywood tradition among smoking enthusiasts in its own right, was hosted at his private residence all the way up in the Hills. Aside from the flash and glamour of his public persona, BigMike is a respected industry veteran who's been involved with cannabis since he was nineteen, long before weed was legal. In his 20-plus years spent building Advanced Nutrients, he's played substantial role in furthering cannabis into the mainstream, from working to destigmatize it in the eyes of the public, to creating nutrients that are safe for consumers and the environment.

Given this facet of his work, the party itself was preceded by a philanthropic element raising money for Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom's gubernatorial campaign. The pro-weed California politician, known for fighting against the antiquated notions surrounding cannabis, started California's Blue Ribbon Commission of Marijuana Policy in 2014, and was instrumental in getting Prop 64 passed. With guests raising $140,000 in under 90 minutes, BigMike and the cannabis community's agenda was clear: Newsom for Governor, 2018.

The fundraising portion of the evening was followed by the Marijuana Maverick Awards, where BigMike personally honored other industry vets like Dr. Dina (cannabis consultant to the stars and the proprietor of dispensary AHHSWEHO), Ed Rosenthal (one of the founders of High Times, author of numerous cultivation bibles), Dave Crockett (Crockett Family Farms), Jeff Malinovitz (Nameless Genetics), and Eben Britton (former NFL player and cannabis activist), for their contributions to the industry and community. After a surprise performance by Everlast, the Grammy-award-winning act behind the late '90s Sad Guy anthem "What it's Like," the sun fell below the mountains, and the party began.

The thousand or so invite-only guests were met with said Ferrari parked outside the gates of his sprawling Mediterranean palace at 9PM that same Halloweekend evening. Massive gargoyles towered, lit blue and green by trippy lights between the trees, as zombies and various other undead writhed on the ground, spooking everyone in sight (this author, specifically). Inside the marble-clad mansion, seafood towers of king crab and oysters reigned supreme amongst sushi boats, private chefs, and a full suckling pig. Numerous bars served top-shelf liquor. In true BigMike fashion, no expense was spared.

In the backyard, above the glittering strands of traffic that comprise most of Los Angeles, guests enjoyed a spooky carnival of debauchery — dab bars, joint bars, a dance floor with a stripper pole included. Every nook of the space had been transformed. Girls danced on 20-foot-tall structures, spinning hula hoops made of white light as Drake songs pumped in the periphery. Weed leaf projections swirled on the grass. Taxidermy wolves growled beneath the trees. Chainsaw-wielding monsters roamed the grounds, terrifying people when they least expected. Beautiful girls in scant-yet-ornate ensembles danced and laughed, when they weren't posing for pictures.

Towards the end of the night, we caught up with BigMike, fittingly dressed as the King of Hearts as he made the rounds of his haunted cannabis castle. "My favorite thing about tonight is that the people I know — my close friends and the people we do business with — are all here and having a great time," he said. "Because tonight, it's about them, it's not about us."

See more photos from the event below, and follow @BigMike on Instagram. Plus, check out Advanced Nutrient's website for more

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