BigMike’s Fourth of July Extravaganza Redefined the Stoner Soiree
Between dab bars and seafood towers, celebrities and millionaires, BigMike of Advanced Nutrients knows how to throw a party.
Published on July 5, 2017

Lead photos courtesy of @BigMike and Advanced Nutrients

Between dab bars and seafood towers, celebrities and millionaires, @BigMike knows how to throw a party. The insta-famous mogul behind Advanced Nutrients, a super popular blend of fertilizers that enhances weed growth, took over a 16 million dollar beachside mansion in Malibu to celebrate the 4th of July. No expense was spared.

Guests were whisked to the party in a decked out Mercedes sprinter van and greeted by beautiful pinup chicks in an army helicopter, alongside a weed-print Ferrari complete with BigMike’s face on the hood. Girls spun along silk suspended above the pool, as an incredibly bubbly hot tub raged below. There were joint bars, dab bars, and a full suckling pig. The amount of sushi flying around was mind-boggling. There was even a doctor present, writing recommendations to California residents who qualified for a medical marijuana card, so everyone could partake.

Kitsch was low, redefining what most would think of as a stoner party. Many of the guests sipped on a litany of cocktails, some who had never smoked weed in their lives. In an industry often slotted as silly, the duality of this event was refreshing. BigMike said it best himself, “This party has turned out way better than expected. We have the perfect mix of cannabis people and non cannabis people. It’s proof that our industry can throw a quality event that’s cool with the neighbors and everybody else. It’s proof that we can get along with mainstream society.”

Despite the massive amount of decadence in all things consumable, the real highlights of this party were, in true BigMike fashion, the women. Here’s an ode to the wild and wonderful girls that made BigMike’s BBQ (BBQ being the understatement of the century) so electrifying. At the party, MERRY JANE spoke with a number of badass ladies about their favorite ways to consume cannabis. Here’s what they told us:

“I always enjoy a good old fashioned joint in bed with my man.”

“My favorite way to smoke weed is either with a joint or with a bong.”

Girl on the left: “I use CBD oils; they’re my favorite. I do them everyday, it calms me down. That’s my go-to right there.”

Girl in blue top: “Nothing beats chilling with my boyfriend, watching Netflix, and smoking a pipe.”

Right: "I can only take one tiny puff of Indica or I freak out. It took me a long time to figure that out, but now I love it."

Left: "I get blazed every fucking day, basically. Ideally, I eat it."


“I really like the Kiva Coffee Beans — low dose stuff that doesn’t have a ton of calories."

“I have never smoked once, ever in my life. But I’m going to do it today, hopefully with BigMike. I’ll probably just smoke a joint. Edibles scare me."

Right: “My ideal situation would be smoking anything with the world’s most beautiful, perfect man."

"I love the act of smoking flower. I’m not really into dabs or anything like that. My favorite place to consume is the beach. Getting high at the beach is perfect."

"It’s really important for me to be in nature, surrounded by a peaceful environment with close friends. If it’s the middle of the day, I’d smoke some sativa, have a good conversation, and get trippy with our thoughts. But if it was the night time, I’d probably smoke some indica to wind down."

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