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The Best Tech From CES 2017

These must-have gadgets stood out at the Consumer Electronics Show.

by Claire Downs

Sunday concluded CES, the yearly Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that usually blows our f*cking minds as hundreds of companies try to hawk their latest technology to the press. This year was no different. Convention participants brought their dopest gadgets, brilliant start-up ideas, and genius concepts to Sin City and the global stage. Here are the gadgets that had us calling out, “Uh, me that!”

BYOB: Build Your Own Bot

Lego unveiled its new Boost line, which will enable players to create either a robot, a cat-bot, a guitar-bot, a bulldozer-bot, and a machine that stacks other Legos. Paired with an app (as all good things are), this toy is incredibly easy to use and satisfying to play with. It will be hard to go back to your old lifeless bricks after this, though.

Toast to the Good Life

One kitchen gadget that’s overdue for a reboot is the toaster. Sure, it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but there’s gotta be a better way to get the nooks and crannies just right. The Griffin Connected Toaster is a smart toaster—yes, that’s now a thing—that allows our OCD to come out in full force by letting us micromanage our toast preferences. It comes with an app that alerts you when your English muffin/bagel/gluten-free sourdough is ready. Much like my parent’s wood-paneled state-of-the-art food processor they got at their wedding in the ’80s, I’m hoping my children will laugh at this device when I’m old.

Breathe Easier as the World Burns

One of the coolest gadgets was Plume Labs’ Flow, a wearable device that checks the air quality around you. It’s kind of like a FitBit but for pollution. By clipping Flow to your backpack or belt, this gadget can track particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide, ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), temperature, and humidity. We wonder if it tracks cannabis clouds….

Ask Mom to Dig up Your Old Cartridges…

...Because Game Boy is back! Retro-Bit has created a souped-up handheld device that has 10 hours of battery life and shatter-proof glass. The best part is that you can resuscitate all your OG Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges (just make sure to blow off the dust first). Plus, it’s only $80!

Play “Flappy Bird” IRL

Robird is a drone that is attempting to stop the next “Sully” from happening. By flapping its raptor-style wings, this Clear Solutions bird-bot will scare the sh*t out of other birds in the sky. That’s a good thing, because interference caused by other birds can be a huge ordeal for airports and pilots.

Look, Ma, No-Hands Breast-Pumping!

Breast pumps are terrifying-looking and extremely dated technologically. The Willow Breast Pump’s sleek design, lack of tubes and wires, and ability to fit in the wearer’s bra made it one of the hottest items at CES 2017. This awesome innovation comes with an app and will be available this spring.

3D Print Biceps for Less Than the Cost of a Gym Membership

Monoprice unveiled this incredibly affordable Delta Mini 3D Printer that is so petite, it’s basically our February goal weight. While it’s not be able to create a fully sentient Dolores, its filaments are incredibly strong and it fits easily on any desktop. The coolest part about this printer is that it’s $150. Why pay for a gym membership when you your own gym?


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Claire Downs is a writer and comedian based out of Los Angeles. She's written for Nickelodeon, VH1, Funny or Die, and Hello Giggles. You can follow her on Twitter @clairecdowns. She prefers Indica to Sativa, in case you're wondering.



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