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The Best New Songs on SoundCloud to Get You Through the Week (Feb. 20, 2017)

Thundercat, Flume, Raekwon, and more!

by Tyler Koslow

With Spring seemingly just a few weeks away from being in full bloom, there is no better way than to thaw through the weary winter freeze then with a collection of the hottest new tracks from across the musical spectrum.

We’ve scavenged through SoundCloud to bring you the latest in hip-hop, electronic, and indie rock. Whether you’re in the mood to dance the night away or lean back and light one up, we’ve got what you need to start your Monday off on the right foot.

On this week’s SoundCloud playlist, Thundercat gets trapped in the friend zone, Australian producer Flume conjures up some lush electro vibes, Wu-Tang legend Raekwon surprisingly an collaborates with G-Eazy, and much more. 

Flume - Depth Charge

Australian producer Flume kicked last weekend off right by dropping the Skin Companion EP II, his second collection of leftover tunes from his Grammy award-winning 2016 release Skin. The four-track project features “Depth Charge,” a powerful wave of modern electro that washes over you like a tsunami of fuzziness.

The five-minute cut is comprised of luscious synths and shuffling drum machine sequences that come together to create a bubbly atmosphere.

After a calmly distorted bridge muffles the explosive production one minute in, pitch-shifted vocal samples infiltrate the electronic jam, helping to humanize the otherwise otherworldly track.

Working without the traditional breaks found in most of today’s electronic dance music, Flume finds himself in a league of his own.   

Thundercat - Friend Zone

On his latest single “Friend Zone”, the neo-funk artist laments on his inability to get his love interest to reciprocate the way he feels.

This spiteful ballad features wobbly bass lines and arpeggiated spacey synthesizers, conjuring up the spirit of legendary funk group Parliament-Funkadelic.

Instead of getting himself caught in the dreaded throes of the “friend zone”. Thundercat opts for playing Diablo and ignoring phone calls. “I’m better off by myself/Loving you's bad for my health,” he concludes as the funky jam winds down.

This vindictive offering is the second single from Thundercat’s 23-track record Drunk, due out February 24 via Brainfeeder.

Terror Jr. (ft. Lil B & Father) - "Come First" (Felix Snow Based Mix)

Fronted by Felix Snow, Campa, and an “unknown” vocalist who goes by the alias Lisa, the electronic pop collective Terror Jr. first made waves in October 2016 with their EP Bop City.

The trio, highly shrouded in mystery, has built some serious buzz thanks to speculation that social media star Kylie Jenner is actually the mysterious lead singer (others believe LA singer-songwriter Lisa Vitale might be).

This past week, Terror Jr. resurfaced with rappers Father and Lil B on a “based” remix of their dance ditty “Come First.” The updated version of last year’s club anthem keeps the bouncy club vibe found on the original intact, garnishing the catchy beat with slick verses from Atlanta rapper Father and viral hip-hop superstar Lil B (a.k.a. The BasedGod). Even the mysterious Lisa chimes in, singing “I'll be that wolf, your favorite artist a sheep/I'm terror, bitch I'm frightening”.

Jacquees x Dej Loaf - "At The Club"

Last week, Atlanta R&B singer Jacquees and Detroit’s Dej Loaf dropped their collaborative mixtape Fuck A Friend Zone, a 13-track affair that will likely find you fiending for love in the VIP section on a Friday night. On the standout joint “At The Club,” produced by W$KHARRI, the delightful duo describes their search for romance amid the hectic nature of nightlife.

“I used to love em, leave em/Girl it's something about you/Think I'ma keep you,” Jacquees croons to his new love interest on the dance floor. While the Cash Money singer pours his heart out over the glittery club anthem, Dej Loaf complements his sentimental lines with a flow that exudes confidence, letting her man know that she’s down to get romantic with him (“It's all up to you/What you wanna do”).

All in all, the collaborative effort will have you ready to stop hesitating on that romantic gesture you’ve been waiting to make.   

Stormzy - "Ultralight Beam"

Last week, UK grime artist Stormzy gave Kanye West’s hip-hop gospel classic “Ultralight Beam” a new sound on the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge.  

Backed by a gospel choir, the British rapper shines on the religiously potent cut with a fresh verse that will have you screaming hallelujah to this hip-hop sermon.  

The Life of Pablo opener is recreated with spiritualized instrumentation while Stormzy spews fervent lines like “put my heart into this game like I'm some flipping donor” and “say a prayer, then I watch all my enemies burn”. The live piano and guitar propping up Stormzy’s spoken word provides an emotional element that boosts this heartfelt track. By the end of his live rendition, a heavenly solo and thunderous drums drive the UK rapper’s interpretation to its completion.

MC Stormzy’s debut album, Gang Signs & Prayer, is due out February 24 via #Merky Records. 

Mr. Mitch (ft. P Money) - "Priority"

This past week, minimalist electronic maestro Mr. Mitch teamed up with UK Grime MC P Money on “Priority”, his first offering from the upcoming album Devout, due out April 21.

This simplistically powerful cut is comprised of airy electronic coos and ominous dubstep bass, creating a dark environment for P Money to launch into a lyrical tirade.

The UK rapper jumps from emotionally charged energy to vigorous emptiness, rhyming earnest lines like “hard work paid off and it’s all play now.” The sullen and thought-provoking atmosphere priduced by Mr. Mitch will put your mind in a smoky haze, while P Money acts as your tour guide and leads you through the haunting song. 

24hrs - VSVSVS

Considered one of the most talented of the current “SoundCloud rapper” class, the up and coming rapper 24hrs is coming fresh off of a collaborative project with MadeinTYO, called 24hrs in Tokyo.

The Atlanta crooner is planning for an even bigger 2017, with a joint project with Ty Dolla $ign, an EP produced by DJ Mustard, and even his highly anticipated solo LP Open Late on deck (which is dropping sometime soon according to 24hrs’ Twitter).

On his latest joint “VSVSVS,” 24hrs proves that he can dominate a track on his own, warbling away about being covered in diamonds from head to toe. The Atlanta rapper rhymes away about his newfound lavish life over the sensual and pulsating Nard & B-produced number, but also acknowledges that his imminent success is just the way it’s “supposed to be.”

24hrs uses his tastefully autotuned voice to woo both your girl and your ears, spitting waggish lines like “Watch these diamonds do the Macarena” to amusing effect.

Raekwon (ft. G-Eazy) - Purple Brick Road

In the most bizarre collaboration of the week, Wu-Tang legend Raekwon teamed up with new-age West Coast rapper G-Eazy on the soulful single “Purple Brick Road.”

The Chef takes on the first two verses of the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League-produced track, spitting braggadocio lines that prove his veteran flow stands the test of time. However, Raekwon also throws a few somber details in the mix, addressing the lessons that he has learned during his time in the game. “Spent my time to achieve all of the fortune and fame/And for myself makin' a name/But deep inside I try to cover up scars to be a shinin' star/I guess that's just who we are,” he ponders in a wicked rhyme scheme.

G-Eazy follows with a gleeful third verse, simply oozing with pride over the fact that he’s on a track with the Shaolin legend. As usual, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League comes through with another hypnotic beat, helping to mesh this unlikely collab into one cohesive piece.

“Purple Brick Road” will be featured on Raekwon’s upcoming solo effort The Wild, due out March 10.  

Clark - Peak Magnetic

Known for summoning delicately pure electro vibes at will, Berlin producer Clark has mastered the art of calm intensity. The Warp Records staple has been experimenting with the digital space since his debut in 2001, and his masterful work has reached a climax of sorts with the single “Peak Magnetic.”

 This ethereal dance number is packed with slurries of bright blips and percussion that seem to lurch at your ears from a distance. As the eardrum-beating bass acts as the heart of the song, softly distorted vocals scatter around to create an atmosphere of ecstasy. By the end of the fleeting ballad, Clark transforms tracking by a stripping it down with needly synth notes.

 The track is the first offering from his forthcoming ninth studio album Death Peak, releasing April 7 via Warp Records.     

Joey Bada$$ - Victory

Brooklyn stand up! Hometown hero Joey Bada$$ has reemerged this past week with the triumphant banger “Victory,” created in collaboration with Mountain Dew and the NBA’s Courtside Project.

Produced by fellow Pro Era member Kirk Knight & 1-900, this joint features dribbling boom-bap drums and brass horns that will have you tapping along until the shot clock runs out. Joey uses his ‘90s flow to namedrop basketball-inspired lines about “triple-double entendres” and beating the clock like “Kyrie Irving at the buzzer”.

Recognized as one of the most ruthless young gunners in hip-hop, the Brooklyn spitter comes correct with clutch bars that swish through the old school beat.

After lambasting Donald Trump with his politically charged single “Land of the Free” back in January, Joey Bada$$ uses “Victory” to prove why he’s winning the hearts of hip-hop heads in both Brooklyn and beyond.

Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2 (aka Toro y Moi) - JBS

To accustom his fans to his new guitar-driven tunes, the eclectic artist has unveiled “JBS,” a nearly seven-minute jam that casts Bundick’s talents in an entirely new light.  

The spacey atmosphere created in his latest offering is controlled by heavily delayed guitar and untamed drums. After almost three minutes of instrumental harmonies, Chaz slides into the ethereal cut with soft-spoken lyrics. “Eyes are crashing like a wave/ feet are heavy now I am a walking cliche,” he warbles with remorse.

Towards the end of the lengthy sonic journey, a starry guitar lead sends your mind straight up into a phenomenal psychedelic space. “JBS” is the first single from Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2’s appropriately titled debut album Star Stuff, due out March 31 via Company Record Label.    


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Tyler Koslow is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer with an intensive focus on technology, music, pop culture, and of course, cannabis and its impending legalization.



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