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The Best Kooky Clothing Money Can Buy

These Etsy offerings are the definition of “statement piece.”

by Lauren Maul

by Lauren Maul

I love a good “statement piece” of clothing—especially when the statement being made is, “I’M SUPER HIGH RIGHT NOW!” If you enjoy letting cannabis embolden your fashion choices, then this list of weirdo/hippie/witch/gypsy items is for YOU. These fab items are all available on Etsy—a place for artists to sell their kookiest creations and a great place to go haunted doll shopping.

Gypsy Charm Bracelet

Kamia Charm Wiccan Bohemian Alternative Hippie Bollywood Festival

Legend has it that an old gypsy witch put a spell on this bracelet—a spell that causes you to be AWESOME every time you wear it. The shop-owner of Rags for Gypsies says, “She will shimmer and glisten in the sunlight and softly jingle as you move, a perfect compliment to any outfit.” Wear it with your favorite bejeweled face stickers and be prepared to sparkle! (And attract magpies.)

Little Leg Skirts

Just Flares are versatile tribal belly dance practice wear, costume layer, eco upcycled cotton festival clothing. Unique design leg wear

Want to wear crazy-ass pants but just can’t commit to a full pant? Then these “Just Flares” from Peacock and Rose are for you! Not a whole pant—just the festive part below the knee—these stunners will make every step feel like a cannabis-inspired ceremonial dance.

Barbie Clothes for Your Hand

Bohemian Artsy cuff romantic bohemian cuff gypsy fairy hand beaded hand embroidered wrist wrap adjustable cuff

It’s not always glove weather, but it is ALWAYS bohemian cuff weather. This sassy purple wrist wrap by Irina Carmen will say it all when you tell haters to “talk to the hand/my bohemian cuff.” Add a portable vape to complete the look.

Stash Sack Fanny Pack

Fall floral upcycled fabric utility belt

Carrying things around when you are high can be hard. (Accidentally leaving them places can be easy.) That’s why fanny packs were invented...probably. The shop Loudmoon offers several sassy packs for all your stash-stashing needs. Think of it as your superhero tool belt…only with weed instead of throwing stars.

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly wings monarch cape cloak wings costume short small fantasy halloween dance

One way to announce, “I’M HIGH!” is by literally taking off and flying away in a pair of these beautiful butterfly wings by El Costurero Real. They’re perfect for wandering around confusedly in nature.

Sweatpants Tie-Dye for

Earth Tones Tie Dye Sweat Pants Size S- XL

I get that some of these items aren’t for “daily wear,” per se. That’s why I’m introducing you to my new friend Tie Dye Todd. His clothes (like these sick sweatpants, which push tie-dye to the limit) are made with “cotton, dye, rubberbands, time, effort, love of the art.”

Legend has it, if you stare into his designs long enough you can actually see the future, and SPOILER, it’s filled with weeeeeed.

Cuddly Cat Cape

This delightful shawl by Sexy8Baby allows you to enjoy all the fun of having a cat (or is it a fox?) sleep on you—without all the shedding and smothering to death of a real feline.


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