Are “VSOP Space Vapes” Legit? And What Do Fake Carts Look Like?
How can you tell if your Space Vape carts are the real deal? And what clues should you look for when identifying a counterfeit or fake?
Published on October 16, 2019

VSOP Space Vape carts are known for their out-of-this-world alien aesthetic, ornate packaging, and delicious flavors. But are they real, legit products, are they just another batch of underground, unlicensed vape cartridges?

As it goes with spotting any fake vape cart, there are a few universal, tell-tale signs that you’ve got the real McCoy in your hands. If you’ve got a VSOP Space Vape, chances are you’re handling an unlicensed, unregulated product that’s not actually lab tested.


VSOP Space Vapes Aren’t Legit

According to one of the moderators at the subreddit r/cleancarts, Space Vapes are listed as a fake cart brand. This means that no one’s been able to verify that Space Vapes or VSOP is a licensed cannabis company compliant with its state’s marijuana laws.

A license search at the California Bureau of Cannabis Control turns up nothing for queries involving “space,” “alien,” “VSOP,” or “very special,” which is where “VSOP” comes from (an alcohol industry term for “very superior old pale”). 

Furthermore, the Space Vape website shows incomplete lab testing results for only one product batch. Typically, when cannabis companies share their lab data, they will show multiple results for only the most recent batches to hit the market. Space Vape has only provided lab data for a single batch from 2017, and the data lacks additional, key information, such as the batch’s pesticide levels and any error values. (For an example of what real lab results look like for licensed weed products, check one out here.)

The Space Vape website also features a photo in its product gallery of what, according to the company’s own Instagram account, should be counterfeit Space Vape packages


Space Vape says its flavors should always contain the word “Alien,” yet these Space Vape products featured on the Space Vape website have plain flavors like “Skywalker” and “Purple Dragon.”

Most legit vape manufacturers will list all of their authorized retailers on their websites, too. Space Vapes does not list any authorized retailers on its website. It’s not even clear where the company is based. So, if you’re wondering how to spot whether your Space Vape is a legit product or not, there’s your answer: They’re all fake. 

However, even fake, unlicensed products are being counterfeited — meaning meta-bootlegs. For curiosity’s sake, you can distinguish fake Space Vape carts from the even faker knock-offs.

Gallery — Here's What Fake Vape Carts Actually Look Like:

Step One: Check the Packaging

In 2017, the old Space Vape Instagram account posted a checklist for identifying the company’s real vape products. Although the old Space Vapes account is no longer available, you can still catch updates at the company’s new Instagram account

According to the 2017 Instagram post, every legit Space Vape product should bear an embossed “Canna PK” at the bottom of the black plastic insert. 

Some other signs that you’ve got an original Space Vape: There should be no “alien head” design on the cartridge, nor will the cartridge itself feature the words “Space Vape.” Additionally, the flavor’s name should always start with the word “Alien,” e.g. “Alien Strawberry.” 

The new VSOP Space Vape packaging is gold and black. Older packaging and fake ones come in see-through plastic, and knock-off Space Vape packaging may feature copyrighted cartoon characters. Knock-off Space Vapes likely originate in China, as well, and sketchy companies overseas rarely invest in good, quality translators. If you see inconsistently capitalized words on the package, or if you see misspelled words, you’ve likely got a fake Space Vape.


Step Two: Check Your Space Vape Flavor

VSOP Space Vape has only eight vape flavors listed on its “official” website: Alien Cookies, Alien Gelato, Alien Melon, Alien Strawberry, Alien Punch, Alienberry Pie, Alien Sour Tangy, and Alien Grapefruit.

If your Space Vape product comes in any other flavor besides the eight listed above, you’ve got a knock-off… of a knock-off. 

Why Should You Care If You've Got a Licensed or Unlicensed Vape Cart?

Fake vape carts are unregulated and untested. That means you’ve got no idea what you’re vaporizing and inhaling with an unlicensed product. There is currently a vaping-illness epidemic rocking the US that’s likely being caused by the proliferation of fake vape cartridges. You can avoid being one of the 27 people who’ve died from the illness (thus far) by sticking to real, licensed, and lab-tested vape carts.

Furthermore, there are other health issues stemming from fake vape carts. If you’re hitting a weed cart for medicinal purposes, you may not get much benefit from fake carts, which could contain very little or no THC or CBD. They may also contain toxic-levels of pesticide residues, heavy metals, or other dangerous contaminants.

Basically, there are a lot of legit, hard-working companies that are going above and beyond to ensure you’ve got clean vape oil going into your lungs. Why skirt the regulations just so you can save a few bucks or rock a cool-looking decal? 

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