Actor Jason Mewes Talks "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot" on “About That Time”
Jason Mewes of “Clerks” fame joined MERRY JANE’s 420 talkshow to discuss his weed brand, how he’s kept sober for nine years, and his new movie, “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.”
Published on October 9, 2019

On MERRY JANE’s About That Time, host Noah Rubin and comedian Kalea McNeill usually kick back and spark a joint while chatting with a who’s who of 420-friendly celebrities and artists. But this week’s episode snoochie-booched in another direction when Jason Mewes of Clerks fame crashed on ATT’s leather sofas.

Mewes, however, is one of the few ATT guests who did not partake in the crew smoke sesh. That’s because Mewes has struggled with substance abuse, and to remain clean, he swore off all intoxicants (except tobacco). “I know, guys, it’s weird,” he said to both the show’s hosts and to the audience behind the camera. “I’m all about the 420, but I’m sober now. You can’t go to AA meetings and say, ‘I’m nine years sober… but I just smoked a doobie!’”

Although Mewes may be clean these days, he’s remained true to “the 420.” Recently, he and his lifelong bestie, director Kevin Smith, launched their own weed brand based on their characters from the View Askew universe, Jay and Silent Bob. Their latest product line includes packs of pre-rolled joints for three weed strains that are featured in their upcoming flick, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot: Snoogans, Snoochie Boochies, and Berserker. All three strains refer to various inside jokes from the film franchise. 

It’s somewhat ironic that Mewes now sells self-branded weed yet doesn’t toke. His character in the View Askew films, Jay, is constantly smoking schwaggy dirt weed and pulling out bongs seemingly from nowhere. In fact, Mewes is one of the many Hollywood figures from the ‘90s who helped bring weed out of the hazy underground and into the light of the mainstream. The irony hasn’t been lost on him, either.

Mewes said he has been clean from drugs for the past nine years, but when it comes to weed, he’s abstained for about 12 years. “The last time I smoked, it was in a little bag, with seeds and stems. It was brown,” he recalled. “ And now, I get to see all this beautiful kief, and crystals, and dabs — but I haven’t gotten to try any of those.” 

Later in the episode, Mewes discussed his first crack at directing a movie this year, Madness in the Method, which he also co-produced. The film is about a method actor who goes off the deep end after committing too much to a role new. 

Later in the episode, Mewes, Rubin, and McNeill discuss the “zombie deer disease,” the insanity surrounding the lung illness caused by vaping, and what Halloween was like when they were kids. You can catch the full episode of the latest ATT with Jason Mewes below.

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