Super Deluxe’s Tabasko Sweet Talks Handmade Streetwear, Clout, and Vape Clouds
YouTube’s thriftiest clothing designer joined us for the latest edition of About That Time, our 4:20 live show.
Published on May 29, 2018

Our latest episode of About That Time (broadcasting every Tuesday & Thursday at 4:20pm ET on Facebook Live) got up close and personal with our favorite felt-tipped clothing designer Tabasko Sweet. Sponsored by the good folks at Mezz Brands vapes and THC Design, we kicked things off with a joint of our favorite sativa and some stories from Tabasko’s Instagram, including sharing a childhood home with Snoop Dogg (at least for one night) and Los Angeles’ DIY music scene. Because Tabasko is a clout-soaked influencer with his ears to the street and eyes to the runway, we asked him to break down a couple IG photos from host Noah Rubin, including a Grammy family flex and a mushroom-induced, tie-dye cowboy ‘fit.

After finishing up our social segment, Tabasko helped us Roll the News, where we broke down the Trailer Park Boys' foray into the world of legal weed, Los Angeles' attempts at clearing cannabis convictions, and one Canadian company's attempt at making the perfect THC-infused beer, without the booze. Of course, it wouldn’t be 4:20 without Astrology Time, where we dove deep into Tabasko’s Scorpio style and learned that he “takes chilling very seriously.” For more Tabasko, follow him across social media and check out his Super Deluxe show Cheap Thrills, where the DIY fashion empresario will teach you how to climb the style ladder on the low.

Time flies when you’re having fun, but there’s a lot more coming down the pipe. Tune in every Tuesday & Thursday at 4:20pm EDT to MERRY JANE’s Facebook page to catch all the ganja-fied glory, and follow us on Instagram to find out who’s joining our joint sessions. We’ll see you there!

MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.
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