A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Cannabis Lover in Your Life
In honor of the most romantic of holidays, we put together this roundup of our favorite cannabis-themed gifts for that special stoner in your life.
Published on February 12, 2019

If you’re looking for sensual cannabis infused Valentine’s Day gifts for you, your lover(s), and/or your best buds, we’ve got you covered. From spontaneous on-demand flower delivery for those who you may have forgotten to buy a gift for, to weed laced dark chocolate and lacey hemp lingerie, there’s something for everyone in this gift guide. Celebrate love – of others and of self – with these highly pleasurable pot products.

1.) Sensuali-Tea


Photographer: Cera Hensley

Perfect for a solo night in, or a cozy night of netflix and chill with your lover, Kikoko’s Sensuali-Tea blends rose, cardamom, and hibiscus with THC (7mg per bag). They say it’s perfect for passion and play, made specifically to bring couples together by easing anxiety, and inducing deep relaxation. For the well-seasoned stoner, add one of Kikoko’s honey straws to the mix– “Calm” contains CBD and will cause the tea to have a mellow effect, while “Buzz” will perk you up thanks to its high THC content. 

For a more complete gift, try pairing Sensuali-Tea with Fashionably High’s High Tea Cup and Saucer Set. Use code EB10 for 10% off your Fashionably High order. Pinky’s up!

2.) Flower Delivery


Roses are red, violets are blue, order flower for your lover, or maybe just for you. The perfect gift for a long-distance lover– get flower delivered to your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Greenrush, a cannabis delivery service that operates in ten states and over 160 cities, allows you to pre-schedule your delivery time so you can truly surprise your loved ones. Greenrush picks up your order from a local dispensary and delivers it to you on demand, so you can order more than just flower– spice things up and try something new– like cannabis infused chocolate or massage oil. We also love Green Angels, a Los Angeles based marijuana delivery service run entirely by women.

3.) Massage Oil


If you plan on spending Valentine’s Day solo, practice a bit of self love and gift yourself a soothing massage using cannabis infused massage oil. If you’ll be spending the evening with a lover, this makes a great gift, too! We suggest White Fox Nectar’s Illuminating Massage Oil. Each bottle contains 200 MG CBD and is scented with sandalwood, peppermint, and cocoa oils, creating a warm earthy scent with a minty twist. If you’re looking for something with THC, we suggest Papa and Barkley’s Relief Body Oil– a 1:3 blend of CBD and THC with eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender oils creating a minty yet calming scent to go along with the oil’s soothing effect.

4.) Weed Lube!


Intensify feelings of pleasure this holiday with the gift of cannabis-infused personal lubricant. Try Pleasure by Foria, a natural coconut oil based arousal lube with THC that’s said to increase pleasure sensations and intensify orgasms. If you’re skeptical, just read the comments and reviews on their site– everyone from a postmenopausal person to a 21 year old endometriosis sufferer is singing praises about Foria’s weed lube. If you’re curious and want to learn more about using marijuana “down there”, check out MERRY JANE’s own Queens of the Stoned Age interview with sex educator and cannabis expert Kiana Reeves. 

And if you’re in a state where cannabis isn’t legal, try Awaken by Foria, which is the CBD version of their “Pleasure” product. 

Bonus– they’re having a BOGO sale on “Awaken” from now until Valentine’s Day! 

*Please note that Pleasure isn’t compatible with latex, so be sure to use non-latex protection!

5.) Hemp Lingerie


Photographer: © Lulu Lovering // self portrait

What’s sexier than being eco-friendly? Hanna Broer creates simple, yet sexy hemp lingerie by hand in her Vermont studio. Hemp’s natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties make it the perfect material for lingerie. We particularly love the Wire Free Lace Bra. Pair it with a panty for a complete lingerie set for your giftee! Hanna is taking a brief production break, so keep an eye on her shop for updates on when they will reopen. We’re also super into Wama’s Hemp Boxer Brief– beautifully made, super-soft, super-comfy boxer brief underwear.

6.) Cannabis Scented Candles


Get lit this Valentine’s Day with a cannabis scented candle. The sharp earthy tones of cannabis and the sexy glow of candle light pair nicely to create a romantic environment. We like The Motley’s Burning Love candle which features Notes of sandalwood, leather, myhhr, cannabis and bergamot. Not only does this soy wax candle smell amazing, but 100% of the profits go towards LGBTQ equality. We also dig The C. Leaf candle, a coconut wax based candle scented with notes of cannabis, cedar, cloves, nutmeg and patchouli for a warm, slightly spicy scent from Los Angeles based Urban Re-Leaf candle company. They come in amber glass and burn evenly while omitting an intoxicatingly warm aroma.

7.) Chocolate!


Some love it for its health benefits, others for its aphrodisiac qualities, but most just chomp on it because it’s delicious AF. Pair all of these benefits with cannabis, and you’ve got something that tastes incredible, is good for you, will turn you on, and will get you high, all at the same time. Who could ask for more? We’re loving Peak Extract’s dark chocolates– check out their site to find a variety that turns you on. For a fun twist on the typical pairing of strawberries and chocolate, grab a bag of Satori’s Wild Strawberries in Milk Chocolate for a nice blend of CBD and THC, or their salty sweet Salted Caramel Almonds in Dark Chocolate which come in CBD and THC based options.

8.) A Love-Bombed Bath


Draw yourself or your lover a bath and surprise them with a bubbly CBD bath bomb. Specially blended to add a sensual edge to your soak while calming your body, Kush Queen’s Love Bath Bomb is infused with CBD and scented with lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, orange, patchouli and cedarwood essential oils. We’re also into Mota’s THC and CBD infused bath bombs which come in white chocolate and rose scents, perfect for a Valentine’s Day treat! 

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