7 Things You Didn't Know about Snoop's 'Reincarnated'
Three years ago today the Vice documentary, Reincarnated, which follows Snoop’s foray into Rastafarianism, was released in theaters.
Published on March 21, 2016

In honor of this momentous anniversary, MERRY JANE reached out to our dear friend and Reincarnated’s director, Andy "Lil Head" Capper, to get some behind the scenes little known facts on making the film.

7 Things You Never Knew About Snoop's Reincarnated from director Andy Capper

1. Snoop wasn't really feeling me at first, specifically my requests to have him ride in a hot air balloon or go down a mountain on a motorcycle. He laid down the law on day one at a cannabis field on a very steep hill. "You don't have to walk down there though, Snoop." I said. "You didn't have to fucking tell me that," he replied, curtly. I was a bit scared.

2. Snoop's weed is very strong. He smokes about 80 blunts a day. To me it felt like being on strong acid and molly at the same time. And people gave us acres of free weed everywhere we went in Jamaica. We bought a chalice off a Rasta and one night went bananas on it. At one point I felt like skin was being ripped from my skull because it was so potent. I literally felt like the dark Obie Man spirit of the island was possessing me. I was completely terrified until I found the Xanax.

3. Bunny Wailer is a G. Don't ever fuck with him. Once Bunny came to our house for a bbq and I smoked chalice with him and had a nervous breakdown due to the amount of weed I smoked. I had many ‘close to God’ moments on that trip and many of them were spiritually uplifting but ones like those were completely terrifying. The type of weed they smoke is next level. At least for me.

4. Snoop gave me the nickname "Lil Head" because my head is big. He nicknamed the Director of Photography, Will Fairman, "Charles Manson" because of his beard and long hair. Stoned and paranoid one night Will shaved off his beard while saying, "Charles Manson??? I'm not that guy!!" The next day he walks into the studio clean shaven and Snoop goes: "You still look like Charles Manson, n****a. Charles Manson in the court house.”

5. A great moment was when Snoop was really hungry on a trip back from the jungle so we stopped at a KFC. Our security detail/help was told to go in there and make it snappy so they bounced into the restaurant still wearing pistols on their waists and a couple of them wearing M16s. As they entered the door a couple of customers hit the deck and the lady behind the counter thought she was being robbed. "What do you want??" she trembled.  "Two family buckets, corn, coleslaw and two large Pepsis please.”

6. If you're in the hood and 29 goats suddenly start walking into the house, it's not a big deal; they live there too.

7. Before Suroosh Alvi asked me to come out and direct Reincarnated I was living between London and Paris, going through a very dark period of my life. Drinking wine at 11am in hotel rooms, listening to Leonard Cohen, and contemplating the end. At the risk of sounding over-dramatic, I credit this trip, Suroosh, Jamaica, and Snoop with me still being alive today. Jah Bless!

Chris Nieratko
Chris Nieratko is a comedy writer from New Jersey who is best known for his work in the legendary Larry Flynt skateboarding magazine, Big Brother. Chris is so committed to a joke (or self-absorbed) that he married a woman named Chris and named all of his children Chris on some George Foreman shit.
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