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6 Ways To Smoke & Keep Your Manicure Fresh

Protect that $60 gel manicure with these tips.

by Cherise Johnson

by Cherise Johnson

So you just stepped out of “Beautiful Nail” with a fresh gel manicure and you're feeling like a whole new woman. You took what felt like hours, picking out the perfect color and then mulling over the various gradients of that perfect color. Even better than that, the nail tech didn't mess up your set and leave you with a crooked nail. Life is good, you're feeling good, now it's time to light one up to complete your perfect day, to match your perfect nails adorned with the most perfect nail color that you chose with instinctive precision.

The only thing that can fuck up your perfect day is burning your freshly done, $60 set with a lighter when lighting up a j, thereby letting out a loud scream. There are ways to prevent this tragedy from occurring so listen up.

Implement one or a few of these weed hacks into your everyday pot routine. Cheers to keeping a fresh mani, fresh.

Light Up Using A Candle Lighter

If you have a candle lighter hanging around the crib, use it. If not, go get one. They're less than $20 and are refillable. Zippo makes some pretty cute candle lighters that come in a bunch of dope designs, so you're sure to find one to match your nails and personality.

Use A Roach Clip

Using a roach clip is a tad bit old school, but it can prove to be an effective tool for smoking for whenever your joint runs down to the point of turning into a doobie. It basically becomes the barrier between your perfect nails and the joint itself. If you don't have a roach clip just dig around your bathroom for a bobby pin or a pair of tweezers (just make sure you clean them off or buy one soley for this purpose). A keyring can also be used as an effective roach clip by holding the joint in between the slits while you hold on to the actual keyring while smoking.

Use A One-Hitter, Vape Or Wax Pen

Usually, people use these to hide their stash of weed or mask the dank-ness of their ganja but that's just a plus when all you really care about is keeping your manicure together before it's time for a fill. Avoid the travesty of having to use a lighter. Clean, easy, and simple.

Light Up Using A Gas Stove

Instead of using a lighter, use a gas stove. Okay, this might be kind of hood but who cares when you just spent bread on your perfect nails? This will eliminate the possibility of fire licking your nail, totally.

Use Filters

Filters are great. They keep your lips from burning, and, of course, your nails too. They add an extra inch to your joint so when it's finished you can just toss the filter away.

Eat Edibles

Simple. Avoid dealing with fire all around and either make your own weed cookies or head to your local dispensary to stock up on as many cupcakes, sour gummy worms, peach rings, and Weetos as you can. Just be careful about your intake. We all have our own personal edible horror story because we OD'd on the Kiva Bars because they taste like a Hershey's chocolate bar.


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Cherise Johnson

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