The 2017 Dime Glory Challenge Was The Wrestlemania Of Skateboarding
See what happens when 50 of the world’s best skateboarders go head to head in some of the most hysterical and intense events known to four wheels.
Published on September 14, 2017

Montreal-based skateboard brand Dime is one of the most revered off-brands out. They’ve built a small empire on not taking themselves too seriously, but delivering a consistent stream of content and skate hustle that keeps its name respected on these international streets. Since the inception of its annual Glory Challenge a few years back, the brand has ingeniously outdone itself and captured the hearts and imaginations of skaters and onlookers worldwide with entertainment of epic proportions. Think WWE meets monster truck rally meets UFC fight meets skateboard competition and demo. The result is high-flying, hysterical mayhem that includes 50 of the world’s best rippers. This year the Dime boys upped their ante by partnering up with DC Shoes to bring the event back around for another year of insanity.

Since this year’s challenge was sponsored by DC it was only right that the shoe company have its lineup of incredible talent like Tiago Lemos, Wes Kremer, Tristan Funkhouser, and Madars Apse enlisted, in the house, and down for some wacky action. Some of the madness included a speed challenge that forced participants to perform flips tricks at velocities that just aren’t meant for that. You can imagine the results—everything from bodies flying to the occasional make, and a roaring crowd to match. There was also a gladiator’s circle that forced skaters into a royal rumble while on their boards to see who could remain in the ring. Another highlight was the ever-intense Valdez challenge named after street legend and Dime affiliate Joe Valdez for his legacy of skate surgery performed atop dangerous heights. This portion of the gathering called for a high-speed ollie across a stair gap the lead onto a box, but the distance and positioning of the setup required needle-threading precision in order to roll away safely, let alone triumphantly. Things got even crazier when Valdez himself upgraded the box with a flat-bar extension. Yikes!

To top things off, Dime and DC also organized a heavyweight championship-proportion match of a game of S.K.A.T.E. The challenger was Brazil’s Tiago Lemos, going up against defending champ and Canadian board technician Wade Desarmo. The lead up to the game was reminiscent of Mayweather versus McGregor, and included a staged helicopter arrival of Desarmo. These guys are truly out-of-their-mind funny!

While we won’t give away the results, in hopes that you don’t just read these words and abstain check out the wildness for yourself. However, we will say this, that whether Tiago won or lost, watching that dude perform all of his tricks is like watching a skater on steroids. Everything just has so much pop and strength.

Cheers to the 2017 Dime Glory Challenge and all of the intensity and fury that went along with it. You guys really have some solid marketing magic here!

Rainey Cruz
Rainey Cruz is a Caribbean-born spirit based in New York City with interests in art, music, skateboarding, mysticism, street, and world culture.
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