15 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Favorite Cannabis Connoisseur
Show your love how much you care with creative ganja-inspired gifts, using this list as your guide.
Published on February 8, 2016

1. Dugout Kit by Elevate Accessories $70 - $80

With an elevated take on an old idea, these dugout kits are lightweight, elegant and come with a glass one-hitter. Made of hard maple, boxwood, bubinga or Bolivian rosewood, milled inside of a CNC router and finished by hand with carnauba wax, this classy smoking accessory fits perfectly into a cork-lined pocket while the lid locks shut with a magnet. It’s a charming yet practical way to say, “Be Mine.”

2. The Melissa Multicase by Annabis $175.00

A sophisticated woman deserves a sexy clutch. Made of fine Italian leather and detailed jacquard interiors with secret compartments and an aroma-controlling shell, she’ll love how The Melissa Multicase keeps her accoutrements organized. Plus, Annabis’ Odor-Loc Technology allows her to carry cannabis discretely and luxuriously. Choose one in gold metallic, snake print or black croco or get one in each color for a myriad of mixing and matching possibilities.

3. THC Molecule Necklace by Aroha Silhouettes $55.00-$75.00

Only those in the know will recognize what you’re valentine is wearing around her neck with this stylish yet stealthy THC molecule necklace. Is she smitten with CBD or cannabidiol (another popular compound found in cannabis)? Poke around the site to find your favorite compound and choose from unfinished stainless steel, a smooth matte black powder coating or a lasting 24kt gold glossy finish.

4. Zhang Jike Box Set by Butterfly $149.99

Have you ever smoked a big bowl of energetic and uplifting Sour Diesel with your sweetheart? If so, you may already know that ping pong pairs well with uplifting, euphoric strains. When you gift this Butterfly box set named after China’s two-time world champion, you’re not just giving an amazing paddle perfect for burgeoning beginners moving into higher levels of play, but you’re setting the scene for hours of laughter, smiles and shared experiences.

5. Dope Lights by Ankit $24.99

Mood lighting is at the top of the list when studying the art of seduction, making these ten feet long green dope lights by Ankit the perfect solution for what to get your favorite cannabis connoisseur for Valentine’s Day. BONUS: They’re battery operated (3x AA) and hold shape around objects, so you can get creative in the dark together.

6. Cannabis Hawaiian Quilted Throw Pillow by Gold-N-Rule $62.00

Nothing says “Love” like this 16 x 16 inch throw pillow, inspired by traditional Hawaiian quilting techniques. Available in olive drab, tan (pictured here), royal blue and black, it features beautiful cannabis leaves. Both classic and modern, it’s the perfect accent to any living space and makes a fine cushion for your head.

7. Dew Sensual Cannabis Oil by Luminous Botanicals $25

Silky smooth with just a hint of cannabis on the tongue, Dew may accelerate arousal and intensify climax for you both. Apply it to sensitive areas, allow time to absorb into the skin (we recommend fifteen minutes), and notice the conditioning properties of the almond and coconut oils. It comes in an easy to use airless pump that conveniently fits in your pocket for spontaneous close encounters.

8. Dr. J's Rolling Trays $39.99 - $94.99

Your love will appreciate how considerate you are when you give the gift of organization with these clever handmade wooden rolling trays. Choose large or small and pick your preference: black walnut, cherry, maple, alder. All trays come with scissors, a custom poker, rollies and two small freshness baggies. Plus, there’s a spot to store your lighter and stash.

9. Genius Pipe $199.99

They don’t call it genius for nothing. This 3-piece magnetic pocket pipe filters tar and cools smoke for a cough-less experience. It’s easy to clean, pack, ash and smoke. And, the magnetic sliding cover will keep your buds from spilling out of the bowl while containing the sweet smell of cheeba. Not to mention, there’s a lifetime warranty, 100% money back guarantee and many cool designs to choose from online.

10. Mind Mischief Kaleidoscopes by FROTHLYF $60

At the intersection of new experiences and altered reality, you’ll find these geometric, glass-cut crystal prism shades waiting for new adventures with you and your partner. Smoke a spliff and take turns reshaping perspectives together. They come in oversized or Lennon frames.

11. Cannabis Flower, Fig & Olive Soap by BethKaya $13

Velvety with notes of cannabis flower, this 3.5 oz layered moringa soap with an amethyst crystal embedded in the center is infused with healing hemp-derived CBD oils and comes with a cedar soap dish. Powdery and sultry, this unisex fragrant soap will tantalize the senses and pairs well with romantic bubble baths.

12. Art by Eugenia Loli $40 - $200

Expand consciousness with Loli’s surreal, modern-vintage collage prints and products (pillow covers, blankets, tapestries, bags, rugs, laptop sleeves, phone covers, clocks, mugs and tees), influenced by psychedelic situations and sarcastic social commentary.

13. Triangle Shelves by J Drew Fabrication & Design $50 - $90

Hand-made with expert skill, creativity and love, J Drew’s triangle shelves are constructed of mostly reclaimed planks from old barns in Metro Atlanta. They’re perfect for storing nug jars, grinders, hemp-wicks, crystals, baubles and trinkets from your lover.

14. Cannabis Hoop Earrings by Adrian Soto $26

Drawn and cut by hand, these aluminum cannabis leaf hoop earrings with a stainless steel ear wire are just over three inches long, two inches wide and catch the light brilliantly. She’ll be grinning from ear to ear when she rocks this bold and powerful statement piece. Oh, and you can get them made in brass, too.

15. Portable Vaporizer by FEZ $129

Give the gift that keeps on giving with this super stylish, lightweight and easy to use portable dry flower vaporizer in red, white or black. Seattle-based FEZ uses conduction-based technology, guaranteeing a perfect hit every time. Your valentine will enjoy it’s long battery life, choice of temperature settings and that look in your eyes when you present such a lovely present.

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