Happy holidaze, everyone. We’ve compiled a gift-guide full of self-care essentials, reading material, art, and functional items fit for even the pickiest of cannabis consumers.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you haven’t finished buying your gifts yet. Join the club! Order any of these items online and you’ll surely receive them after the holidays… but think of it as extending the most wonderful time of the year.  

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift (belated or otherwise…) for the stylish stoners in your life, look no further. 


Cat Pipes and Pinch Hitters — Oh My!

Yes, you can finally smoke out of a cat butt! Klai Brown, a Los Angeles based ceramicist, hand crafts whimsical pipes in the shape of whales, narwhals, cats, and other animals. She also creates beautifully simple 22 karat gold-tipped one-hitters for the smoker in your life who doesn’t need much to get high.

With each purchase from Klai’s collection she donates a portion of each sale to Potters for Peace. So, this gift is basically a two-fer– Buy something beautiful and functional for someone you care about AND make a donation.


Light It Up!

In an alternate universe, the faux fur coat wearing, big sunglasses in the daytime version of myself uses these lighters to ignite my gold rolling paper wrapped joint in between spa appointments in the middle of the day. Perfect for your pyro-loving friends and lovers, check out these classy lighters by Tsubota found at Project Object in Portland, Oregon. They offer classic brown tortoise shell, green and purple versions, and a simple clear and gold version as well. 


Subscribe to Cannabis-Based Health and Wellness! 

For the chef (or aspiring chef) in your life, gift them a year-long subscription to Kitchen Toke Magazinea publication that focuses on cooking with cannabis for health and wellness. This is a gift that will keep giving throughout the year. Each quarterly edition includes recipes, perfect for encouraging whoever you give this gift to to cook for you! Really, this is a gift for you, too. 


“Pot” Holders

Another gift for the budding chef in your life- these “Pot” holders from WyoWhy. Give your friends the gift of being able to touch hot things without burning their precious hands and be sure to invite yourself over to enjoy whatever hot dish they’re whipping up.

In addition to multiple color and design options, if you live in a state where marijuana is legal, you can customize your “Pot” holders with a state name patch, too!

Bonus: All of WyoWhy’s products are made by a “remote seamstress network in rural Wyoming” so with this gift, you’re also supporting small business owners in the cowboy state. Yeehaw!! 


Gaudy Gold Rolling Papers! 

Instead of lighting money on fire, why not buy these 24k gold rolling papers and let your gift recipient get high while burning your money? It’s more fun that way. But seriously, these 24k gold rolling papers are extravagant, unnecessary, and a little bit obnoxious. In other words, they’re the perfect gift.

For $12.99 you’ll get just two gold rolling papers, meaning the paper is likely more expensive than the weed you’re rolling in it. A logical purchase. Enjoy! 


Nail It with These Enhance Mani-Pedis

Gift your loved one “the ultimate relaxing and therapeutic experience.” Bellacures, a Los Angeles based salon teamed up with Kush Queen to offer in-house Canna-Cures — a manicure with a highly unusual twist: They lace the experience with cannabis!

For your Los Angeles based gift recipients, book a mani or pedi at one of their salon locations. For non-LA based humans, gift someone an at home self-care situation and order the same bath bombs and salves they use at the salon from Kush Queen — and be sure to invite yourself over to your friend's for this luxurious treat. 


Treat Yourself! Soak Your Holiday Stress Away 

Gift your bath-loving loved ones THC and CBD enhanced epsom salt soaks this holiday season. Or, let’s get real, gift these to yourself. The holidays are stressful af and you deserve to treat yourself to a nice relaxing infused bath.

We love Whoopi and Maya’s Soak, which contains both THC and CBD and is currently only available in California and Colorado. For an extra bonus, tackle any holiday-stress-induced aches and pains with Papa and Barkley’s Releaf Balm


Donate to a Higher Cause

If you find yourself stumped as to what to give the person that already has everything, Give the gift of giving back. California-based cannabis company Aster Farms is doing a fundraiser for the Mendocino cannabis community that was recently hit by devastating wildfires.

Aster Farms is a husband and wife owned cannabis company whose home base in The Emerald Triangle — where they live, work, and grow their crop — was deeply affected by the fires, and they’ve chosen to raise funds for their community. Donate any amount in a loved one's name to their fund, and help the cultivators and farmers who've worked extremely hard to keep American cannabis so damn great.


In Spa or At Home Massages

As if a massage isn’t relaxing enough, at NOW — a Los Angeles based “wellness destination” (read: massage place) — you can opt to add their CBD containing “Calming Balm” to any of your treatments.

This is the perfect gift for the person in your life who’s always on the go, anxious, or stressed out. If you don’t live near a NOW, or would rather stay at home for your massage, order a topical CBD oil like Papa and Barkley’s Releaf Body Oil or Omm Remedy’s Nirvana Oil.



Gift your friends something that will last longer than any bath bomb, joint paper, or salve ever could — ART! We love this poster-sized Green Ikebana print from Herbivore Botanicals in partnership with Broccoli Magazine and florist Amy Merrick.

Another great pick for your art-loving stoner friends is Broccoli Magazine itself — the Portland-based publication is a beaut, through-and-through. If your friend is into the stellar combo of cannabis and coffee, consider gifting this cross stitch ‘sitch from Hannah Hill, too.


Herbs for Herb! 

My mom always told me to buy things for friends that you’d want yourself. And well, I’ve been wanting to try smoking herbs that aren’t the herbs I’m used to smoking. Alter your high and try these Herbal Blends from Barbari available at Project Object.

Their Restorative blend contains rose, blue lotus, raspberry leaf, lavender, and sage, and their Revitalizing blend includes peppermint, jasmine flower, raspberry leaf, sage. Rumor has it you can make similar mixes at home with your own garden-grown herbs, but maybe try this prepackaged version first. 


The Gift of Growth!

Madrone Stewart, the author of Feminist Weed Farmer: Growing Mindful Medicine in Your Own Backyard, details her experience growing cannabis and working in a male-dominated industry. (She recently chatted with MERRY JANE about it — peep the awesome interview here!)

In this book, she walks you through selecting seeds, planting them, and cultivating crops for an abundant harvest. It also includes anecdotes from her own life experience that are truly engaging and memorable. This is the perfect gift for the budding botanist or curious casual gardener who happens to dig marijuana.

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