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10 Weed-Themed Apps You Need to Download Right Now

Your smartphone looks dumb without them.

by Zoe Wilder

by Zoe Wilder

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There’s an app for almost everything these days, including cannabis culture and community. Want to find the closest dispensary or perfect strain? Need a medical marijuana license? Perhaps you’re wondering how to yield your best harvest. Whether you’re interested in finding a partner to smoke up with or just want some weed delivered, look no further. These informative and entertaining cannabis-centric apps will guide your way.

Ultimate Weed Trivia


Think you know everything about weed? Test your cannabis knowledge with the Ultimate Weed Trivia app. Expect questions about pop culture, science, movies, and the highest of holidays, 4/20. You only get three lives, but each time you start over the same questions will be asked. It’s quite similar to other memory games. With easy, medium, and hard levels to choose from, you’ll have fun challenging both your buddies and yourself while accumulating points along the way.

My Canary


Designed by NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), My Canary allows you to roughly estimate your level of impairment through a series of physical and mental tests, measuring balance, reasoning, reaction time, and coordination. Whether you’re wondering if you should operate heavy machinery, answer important work emails, or drive around town in your car, this app—combined with your own subjective perspective—will aide you in making a more informed decision.



Your hub for cannabis lifestyle and marijuana news, the MERRY JANE app allows you to keep track of favorite articles, locate local dispensaries, request an Uber or Lyft immediately, review menus, search products and puff, puff, pass a virtual joint and blunt around as you “guzzle” gin and juice. While you’re at it, sound the air horn and “fire” up the bong. (Also be sure to check out the SESH app, where you can share your smoking experiences with the cannabis community.)



With hundreds of thousands of user-submitted reviews, Leafly is a helpful resource for seeking out the right dispensary and strain recommendation for you. Locate a doctor, delivery service, or retail location. Browse menus, read articles, or rate your experiences. It’s basically the Yelp for weed.



In California, weed delivery is super easy when using the Eaze app. Order online from a choice of high-quality, lab-tested products. Track your progress as your order is routed to a local dispensary and available driver. Once the driver is nearby, you’ll receive a text notification. Need a medical marijuana card? Simply order one online for only $30. If you sign up now you can receive an eighth for $25 within 15 minutes.



PotBot aims to be your virtual budtender. Simply tell the app a bit about yourself, select a condition type and desired effect, then you’ll receive guidance on strains, cannabinoid levels, and consumption methods as well as information on where to find their recommended cannabis at a nearby dispensary. If you need to make an appointment with a licensed cannabis clinic, it can help you with that, too.



Due to prohibition, finding accurate information on the best way to grow cannabis can be challenging. That’s where WeeGrow, a helpful app designed to build a community based around cannabis cultivation, steps in. It’s perfect for home growers looking to learn and share ideas with one another by measuring, managing, and optimizing grow recipes.



The Instagram of weed, MassRoots allows you to share your cannabis experiences, discover strains and 420-related products, and connect with like-minded people in the community, learn about marijuana culture, support global legalization efforts, and stay in the know about local dispensaries without fearing your account will be shut down for violating terms.

High There!

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Called the Tinder for the cannabis community, High There! brings people together after you you tell the app what mood you’re in, what method of consumption you prefer, and your energy preferences. Swipe “High there!” if you’re interested, or “Bye there!” if you’re not feeling it. Once you find a match, mingle it up with a new friend and see where the smoke sesh takes you.

Ganja Farmer


Build a successful canna-business while you vibe out to the accompanying reggae soundtrack in the cute and cartoony world of Ganja Farmer. Cultivate various strains. Dabble with mushrooms and moonshine vodka. Make and sell pre-rolled blunts, cannabis oil, space cakes, hashish, and hemp clothing while sprucing up the farm with festive decorations.


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Zoe Wilder

Zoe Wilder is a writer based in Portland, Oregon, with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the College of William & Mary and a Master of Social Work from Fordham University.



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