10 of the Best Sculptural Yet Smokable Blunts
You have to see these to believe them.
Published on November 4, 2015

You might think you know a thing or two about rolling blunts, but you’ll change your mind once you see these ten crazy conceptual blunts from Instagram’s top creative rollers.

For these paper artists, the wrap is just the beginning. Using that simple rectangle they can make almost anything, from fantasy monsters to gold plated guitars, ice cream cones, and more. These flammable works of art are even more beautiful because they are temporary; sadly, none of these blunts are with us anymore. But they’ll live on forever in the internet.

Photos: TonyGreenHand

Are you ready for the ultimate mashup of marijuana and nerd culture? Check out this fully-rigged Star Wars X-Wing fighter, rolled up by veteran smoker TonyGreenHand. The best part of this geeky stoner’s dream blunt? The tiny R2-D2 joint that sits in place of pride behind the cockpit, just like in the movies.

Why smoke out of a normal pipe when you can smoke out of a blunt pipe? Looking like something your grandfather would smoke out on the porch at the end of a long day, this blunt pipe is innovative and classic at the same time, and smokeable from stem to bowl.

Animal blunts are popular for good reasons: they’re cute, they’re smokable, and their rounded figures are hard, but not impossible, to roll. This adorable turtle blows all other animal blunts out of the water with its corn husk-dotted shell and superb construction.

Lots of people have attempted kraken blunts, but this artifact from master roller ValleyRec420 is the cleanest and most impressive example around. Curved blunts are tricky to roll, and this artist made six of them before seamlessly attaching them to a body radiating undersea malice and aboveground good times.

Legendary roller TonyGreenHand created another flawless summertime confection when he rolled up this sweet smokable. Crafted to look just like ice cream, complete with a woven waffle cone base, this dusted and cherry-topped sweet looks good enough to smoke.

Take flight with this fully smokable helicopter, where even the rotary blades are stuffed with high-quality cannabis. This roller is incredibly skilled—check out the seamless joints where the blades come together and join with the body.

What better way to remind your friends that it’s time to blaze than with this smokable watch? Rolled for the High Times Cannabis Cup and covered with 24 karat gold leaf papers, it’s a given that this timepiece is filled to the brim with the headiest flower around.

Sometimes ambitious rolls aren’t about how big you can make the blunt, but how beautiful you can make it. This marijuana-filled delicacy looks like it’s about to take flight with all of the attention to detail apparent in its structure, from the feathered wings to the oil drop eye.

Is there a better topper for marijuana royalty than a smokable tiara? Rolled from what seems like uncountable amounts of RAW papers, this delicious wearable wrap is almost too precious to smoke—almost.

Sadly this gold leaf-wrapped guitar isn’t playable, but it sure is smokable. The craft that went into this project is seriously impressive—note the impossibly thin neck, strings, and whammy bar of this luxurious roll.

Featured image also from TonyGreenHand.

Molly Lynch
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