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Chris Conrad

Chris Conrad

Chris Conrad is an internationally respected author, expert and consultant on industrial hemp, cultivation, medical marijuana, personal and religious use and worked as an expert witness in over 2500 state, military and federal courts cases. Conrad teaches at Oaksterdam University and speaks at conferences, events and seminars worldwide. His latest book is "The Newbie’s Guide to Cannabis and the Industry." He also wrote "Hemp: Lifeline to the Future Hemp for Health," "Cannabis Yields and Dosage," and, with his wife Mikki Norris, "Shattered Lives: Portraits From America’s Drug War." Conrad founded the Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp and curated Amsterdam’s Hash-Marihuana-Hemp Museum and Oakland’s Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum. He was instrumental as a political advisor, spokesperson and organizer for California’s Propositions 215, 19 and 64, as well as on SB420. He was editor of the Oaksterdam News and West Coast Leaf newspapers and now edits TheLeafOnline.com. His homepage is ChrisConrad.com.

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