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Watch Yaje Popson’s Incredible “Riddles In Mathematics” Part

Yaje slices and dice his way through Transworld Skateboarding’s 29th full-length video, a testament to his uncanny street skills.

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Transworld Skateboarding’s latest full-length video Riddles In Mathematics has been out for a few months now and to further promote its magic the magazine has just released NYC resident Yaje Popson’s incredible part. In case there was any doubt about the validity of this video and the powerhouse of enlisted riders—Bobby DeKeyzer, Leo Valls, Bobby Worrest, and Ben Gore—Yaje’s part cuts up a rug, literally.

Not only is the loose man-bun king part of the resurrection of the legendary Alien Workshop board company, but Yaje’s level of intuitive, low-to-the-ground, and multi-faceted talent is also just out of this world treat to watch. His style is best described as that of street surgeon—one part street surfer another part PhD in rails, ledges and body variations.

Soundtracked to the experimental and percussive sound of The Knife’s “Without You My Life Would Be Boring”, Yaje’s part couldn't be more appropriately attuned. The syncopation and lyrics of the tune are exactly what his skateboarding looks like. Watch the harmonious marriage of the sonic and visual elements for yourself and be the judge.

Fans can also check out the full video by digitally purchasing it here.      

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