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Woody Harrelson Says He Once Took a Toke Break in the Middle of a Dinner with Donald Trump

The now sober actor told Bill Maher that dinner with a pre-presidential Trump was so cringeworthy Harrelson left halfway through for some sweet relief.

Lead photo via Wikimedia Commons

It appears that Woody Harrelson is getting his memory back. 

After more than three decades as one of Hollywood’s most noted potheads, Harrelson has now gone more than a year and a half without smoking weed, and he can’t stop talking about it.

Less than a week after telling Jimmy Kimmel about how hard it was to come clean about his newfound sobriety to his longtime smoking partner Willie Nelson, Harrelson returned to late night TV this past weekend to recount more stoney stories, telling HBO's Bill Maher a particularly heady tale about now-President Donald Trump.

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According to Harrelson’s newly sharpened memory, the Kingpin star was attending an invite-only dinner with America’s first WWE star-turned-politician, then Governor of Minnesota and cannabis advocate in his own right, Jesse “The Body” Ventura. During the dinner, Harrelson says that Trump was so self-centered and unbearable that he needed to take a mid-meal break to smoke a joint and avoid the man who would soon become the 45th president.

“It was brutal,” Harrelson told Maher. “I’ve never met a more narcissistic man. I had to walk out halfway through to smoke a joint and steel myself for the rest of the night.”

Harrelson didn’t mention how the rest of the night was, but we’re guessing the Hunger Games actor didn’t have a problem sticking around for dessert.

After telling the Trump story though, Maher was definitely not ready to drop the subject of Harrelson’s clear mindstate. Like Willie Nelson, Maher had been part of Harrelson’s celebrity smoking crew since well before legalization was the law of the land, and needless to say, he's sad to see his longtime stoner buddy sober.

To try and convince Harrelson that he’s been missing out for the past 18 months, Maher pulled up a set of photos from the pair’s past Hawaiian vacations, one from a skunk-soaked past and another, more recent flick from this summer.

See if you can figure out which Woody is stoned and which is sober. 

Pretty classic picture of Maher and woody harrelson
— Eliot Fields (@efields_9) December 21, 2013
Bill Maher, photographed with Jeff Ross & Woody Harrelson. #VonDutch
— Von Dutch (@VonDutchFashion) May 4, 2016

After taking a look at his own pre and post-sobriety celebrations, Harrelson joked that it might be time to get back on the weed wagon. 

“That’s a strong case,” Harrelson laughed. “I’m about ready to fire up a hooter.”

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