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Wild Beasts’ New Music Video Champions Female Skateboarding in India

Get on board with the “Alpha Female.”

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Last year, British indie rock band Wild Beasts—who first broke into the pop music scene in 2006 with their single, “Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants”— triumphantly released their fifth studio album, Boy King.

In addition to having already released visuals for big tunes from the project like “Get My Bang” and “Big Cat,” this week marks the visual premiere of their latest single “Alpha Female”, and boy girl is it epic! The title alone gives us a sense of the tune’s female-forward subject matter, but it wasn’t until the band linked with director Sasha Rainbow that their song took on girl power of global proportions. Her vision flew it all the way to Bangalore, India for the shoot.

The video itself is an incredibly rich, high-definition, and cinematic ride-along with India’s first female professional skateboarder Atita Verghese as she powerfully skates and skitches through  local streets. As she pushes, other girls (many from Girl Skate India and Holystoked Skate Crew) join her in skateboarding solidarity while many male bystanders stare in awe and disbelief—perhaps the very point of the powerful song.

According to Sasha the inspiration for the video derived from feminist ideals and observation of skateboard culture in Eastern countries—particularly India—where, because the burgeoning scene is not specifically characterized as a “male” activity like it is in Western parts of the world, many females have taken on the pastime. As a result they have learned to socially empower themselves and their community within a generally patriarchal and dismissive structure.

Get inspired and behold the “Alpha Female” as she skates by here

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