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Whoopi & Maya Products Pack a Punch for Period Pain

Move over, LUSH and Sephora. This infused bath and body line provides insane pain relief.

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Just when you thought a hot bath couldn’t get any better, now you can use one to help ease discomfort during your period.

Specialized cannabis products for women are reaching a whole new level of luxury and potency as the Whoopi & Maya line hits dispensaries across California. The brand is a joint venture between Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth, founder of the successful female-run collective and medicinal products brand Om Edibles. When Whoopi decided to venture into the cannabis industry, the two became friends and decided to develop a full line of products together.

Their goal is to relieve women’s menstrual pain and discomfort in several potent and delicious ways, using only ingredients of super high quality. You won’t get a head change from a cannabis suppository, THC-infused bath, or topical rub, but the pain-relieving and relaxing properties of cannabis topicals are perfect for relieving menstrual cramping and discomfort associated with women’s monthly cycles.

Whoopi & Maya sent me the full line of products to review, and after testing them out I can honestly say they won’t disappoint! Even if you are a junkie at fancy bath and body stores, you’ll appreciate the supreme ingredients and scents that come with these products. Plus, there are THC- and CBD-medicated raw cacao tubs that are smooth, rich, and almost better than Nutella.

Can you really afford not to have these while you’re on your time of the month?! Read on to learn about these products, which are absolute perfection for your period.

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