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Where You Smoke with @WhereYouSmoke: Talking About the Wonders of Toking in the Great Outdoors

Welcome to the first installment of our new column, where @WhereYouSmoke spotlights some amazing photos of cannabis use alongside Mother Nature.

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@WhereYouSmoke sprouted in a moment shared between a spliff and the great outdoors. Run by an anonymous artist who grew up in LA, the Instagram account and online platform celebrates cannabis lovers who like to light up alongside Mother Nature. Part National Geographic, part #weedporn, @WhereYouSmoke spotlights photos of masterful joints in majestic settings from all over the globe.

In a new column, we’ve asked @WhereYouSmoke to share a few of his favorite Instagram uploads with MERRY JANE each week. On top of shouting out the photographers, he’ll be chatting with his fellow outdoor smokers about the backstory behind each snapshot, as well as what exactly makes cannabis and nature such a damn inspiring combo. Welcome to Where You Smoke with @WhereYouSmoke. This week’s installment showcases photos from New Zealand, India, and elsewhere...



Cannabis Photographer and Journalist
Photo taken at Mt. Pilchuck, Washington

@WhereYouSmoke: Where was this photo taken?
@imcannabess: I took this photo atop Mt. Pilchuck, Washington at sunset. It’s one of my favorite places to hike.

Can you tell me about the benefits and cons of being a weed influencer? 
Well, I never planned to be a weed influencer, it just sort of happened! The biggest pro is how many people say they look up to or are inspired by me. I’ve even had people quit their jobs to pursue cannabis (and get hired at a shop!) after talking with me. There aren’t many cons associated with being a weed influencer. The only one I can think of is not having enough time in my day to do all the hikes, shoots, blogs I want!

Do you prefer to smoke inside or outside?
I guess it depends on the weather. Seattle rains a lot, which makes smoking outside difficult. However there’s something so tranquil about getting off the grid, out of cell range, and lighting up on a mountain peak as the sun comes up!

Can you tell us about the first time you smoked?
The first time I smoked weed I was 16. Our friend joined the Marines, so we were at his going away party. I remember smoking out of a pipe and coughing so hard. The guys started to laugh at me and said I’d probably get really stoned, and I did. I gave my friend the car keys and she drove my 2000 Honda Prelude home. I remember thinking everything looked like a movie, specifically the Back to the Future ride at Universal Studios. When we got to my mom’s house, I tiptoed to the kitchen to get ice cream out of the fridge. I started to whisper to my friend, who asked why I was being so quiet. “Shhhhhh,” I said, “they’ll hear you.”

“Who is they?” she replied.

“The audience."

Needless to say, I was very stoned!


Photo Taken in Himachal Pradesh, India

@WhereYouSmoke: Where was this photo taken?
@s_renity:This picture was taken in the village Kasol in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Is smoking outside something you do regularly?
Yes, smoking outside is something we do very often. It makes you acknowledge the beauty of nature that one might otherwise ignore in his/her busy life.

Can you tell us about the trek with your friends before and after this photo was taken?
It was around 6 PM in the evening when we decided to start. I didn’t expect much, and didn’t know that it would turn into the most memorable trek I've ever done. After the picture was taken, it was very dark outside. It was around 7 PM and we were in a very remote mountain range with no [artificial] lights around. To add to the darkness, it started raining by the time we were halfway up the mountain. Me and one of my friends separated from the group, making it worse. We finally reunited around 3 AM and smoked a lot of doobies. All’s well when ends well, right? 

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Photo taken at Mt. Rainer National Park


What’s up? Can you tell me about where this amazing photo was taken?
@Stonedonthego: Mt. Rainer National Park in the state of Washington.

Did you pre-wrap the hash around the joint or did you do it at the spot?
I actually did it on location. It was definitely a spur of the moment thing.

Can you tell us about that whole day and how many joints you brought with you?
We had an open day on our agenda during a ten-day trip and decided to see as much of Mt. Rainer in as few hours as possible. We steadily smoked joints, bowls, vapes the whole trip. Too many to count.

How does cannabis help you appreciate nature?
My favorite moments outside are where I feel complete tranquility and all of the things that may be on my mind from the daily grind just go away. Weed helps me take my mind to that place. Also the adolescent feeling you get when wandering around the forest is amplified when I smoke.


Photo taken in Banks Peninsula, New Zealand

@WhereYouSmoke: Where was this photo taken?
@doobwithaview: This photo was taken before a sunrise wake and bake outside Packhorse Hut in New Zealand. We also hiked up the afternoon beforehand, so we enjoyed numerous scenic blazes, including under some incredible stars! This hut is located on the stunning Banks Peninsula just outside of Christchurch, but there are over 900 huts spread throughout New Zealand wilderness available for public use!

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Where are some other favorite places you’ve smoked?
It is hard to choose our favorite smoke spot, but a recent one that we will remember forever was on the shore of Lake Oahu, which is located in an international Dark Sky reserve! We have a bonfire at least eight hours, enjoyed some incredible views of the Milky Way, smoked many-a-doob, then stayed up past 2 AM to watch the moon rise above the Southern Alps! New Zealand never stops blowing our minds.

Do you have any tips for smoking on the go?
Our best tip for smoking on the go is to pre-roll! it cuts a lot of the headache out, and you can leave your grinder in the car if you’re just doing a day trip. We usually put our doobs in those metal gum containers they have at the supermarket checkouts to keep them from getting squished. If there are people in the area where you want to smoke, try to get down wind and pretend its a cigarette — most people don't care anyway. We also both have a "nug sack" which is filled with all the necessary supplies to roll a joint for easy/quick transport.

What is the weed culture like in New Zealand?
The weed culture in NZ is pretty good. It is more expensive and harder to get, compared to some other places, but a lot of kiwis of all ages still smoke. Overall, the public perception is pretty relaxed about it, but our current government has said they will never consider legalizing it [recreationally]. They made access to medical marijuana a bit easier this year. We have an election coming up in September so hopefully things will change!

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If you like to photograph your outdoor smoking adventures, check out the submission page at And follow @WhereYouSmoke on Instagram.

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