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Where You Smoke with @WhereYouSmoke: Blazing Bud Outdoors with Man's Best Friend

Pets and pot, flower and fur — quite the combo, if you ask us. Throw some scenic landscapes into the mix and what more could one ask for?

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All photos courtesy of @WhereYouSmoke

@WhereYouSmoke sprouted in a moment shared between a spliff and the great outdoors. Run by an anonymous artist who grew up in LA, the Instagram account and online platform celebrates cannabis lovers who like to light up alongside Mother Nature.

Each week, we’ve asked @WhereYouSmoke to share a few favorite Instagram uploads with MERRY JANE, and so far it’s been nothing but picturesque snaps and chill-ass stories to boot. For this week’s edition, we decided to focus on outdoor smokers who like to light up alongside their beloved animals. Pets and pot, bud and man’s best friend, flower and fur — quite the combo, if you ask us. Throw some scenic landscapes into the mix and what more could one ask for?

All interviews have been edited for length and clarity

Photo Taken in Forks, Washington

@WhereYouSmoke: Where was this photo taken? Tell me about this location, how you got there, what the day was like!
A secluded stand of temperate rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula is an awesome smoking spot and is about an hour from our house. @imcannabess took the photo. Spring is a wonderful time to get out of the house and stretch your legs and lungs, so we spent the day at some of the local secret spots including gorgeous forests, lakes, and streams.

Tell us about this falcon photo shoot! Are you a falconer? How does this connect to your love for maryjane?
I have been a falconer since I was 14, and my husband and I met through falconry. We now have both a falcon breeding project and rehabilitation facility. Genetics play a major role in falcon breeding just like in cannabis breeding. Exploring genetic potential in both cannabis and falcons has become a lifetime passion for us both. We chose the name Falcanna for our business because we really wanted a name that describes us as growers. Interesting to note, we know falconers from all over the world who are also heads.

When you're smoking out in nature, what do you feel? What is enhanced?
Smoking in nature is always amazing. It helps modern day concerns slip from your mind while gently enhancing the sights and sounds of the outdoors. Whether contemplating the rush of a mountain stream or a chill ocean breeze across your skin, smoking outside seems to encourage bonding with the elements.

Any advice for other stoners who are itching to start their own grow?
Start growing now. It takes years to really dial in your skills, so the sooner you start the better. Start small and focus on keeping healthy plants. Cover the fundamentals, like temperature, pH, water, air. Make sure all environmental aspects are perfect or you will never see the true genetic potential of your plants. Learn to think like a plant.

Photo Taken in Boulder, CO

@WhereYouSmoke: Where was this photo taken? Tell me about this location!
It was taken in Boulder, CO on Flagstaff Mountain. I drove up and hiked a very short distance. I also had to make sure it wasn’t too hot, since I brought my cat.

What about nature do you love when you’re blazing outdoors? What gets enhanced for you?
I love smoking outdoors because I appreciate the view and my surroundings that much more. You find sounds and textures more fascinating and see things you may have never noticed before.

Why did you have your pet with you that day? Does your cat usually join you on adventures?
My friend and I decided to take him to Flagstaff mountain, where we always go hiking. We wanted to bring him with us because he loves being outside. It was definitely a high idea. I love seeing his curiosity for the great outdoors.

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What's your favorite place you have smoked and why?
Costa Rica is my favorite place that I've smoked because I met locals and had experiences that wouldn't have happened without marijuana. Hikes, the ocean, and the local culture were all enhanced.

Photo Taken in Big Sur, California

@WhereYouSmoke: Do you usually sesh outside or inside? What are some differences you notice about your high indoors vs. outdoors.
I mostly sesh inside, but I would rather be outside.

Are you ever nervous to bring you bong on adventures? Do you prefer a bong high to other modes of smoking?
I don't like bringing my rig to certain spots – only if its safe. Sometimes I'll just roll a joint, but for the most part I only dab. I dab for the flavor and the high.

What’s your dog like?
My dog is super smart and he comes with me on most of my adventures.

Photo Taken in Uncas Lake, CT

@WhereYouSmoke: Where was this photo taken? Tell me about the spot.
The lake was hard to find due to rocky roads. I was lucky because I got lost and just discovered this gem. When I got there, there was no one else around and it was my dog’s first time swimming. The day was great, especially as I just ended a particular long work work. Lots of swimming and getting lifted with my best bud — just relaxing and taking everything in. Taking in the view of the water bouncing off the lake and feeling the wind flow around me and through the trees.

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Do you have any routines you follow when smoking outdoors?
With every daycation you must bring munchies. I used the fire pit to make some awesome burgers on the day this photo was snapped. Compared to the air I breathe in the city, it was so much nicer and cleaner here. Also, it was relaxing laying down with Banksy, my dog, next to the lake while closing my eyes and listening to all the nature around me. Listening to the trees sway back and forth, the little waves crashing against the sand and rocks on shore, the sounds of the birds, frogs, and insects around me...

Tell me about your pup, does she/he always come out with you?
My dog always goes with me. We stay active.

Whats your fav way to smoke? Bong? Spliff? J?
A joint because I like being able to taste my flower with Zig Zag papers. Plus, I like sitting down at the destination of my hike and relaxing while I roll myself a nice cone.


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