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Will Strain Sommeliers Be A Trend of the Future?

Pairing cannabis and food to create the ultimate meal.

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Elise McDonough, a culinary columnist for High Times seems to think so. McDonough recently spoke with the business and tech site Observer, about the possible future of cannabis in the culinary realm.

With the upcoming election offering a handful of states the opportunity to legalize and decriminalize marijuana, there are a variety of options on the table for entrepreneurs in a number of areas to reap the benefits. Restaurateurs are some of the folks mulling over how they can get in the mix.

When most think of cannabis related cuisine it usually consists of either figuring out what your favorite post-pot snack is or thinking about how much of that brownie or cookie you really want to partake in to achieve nirvana. As evidenced by all the noise being made about marijuana in relation to food, the game is changing. To illustrate this, McDonough was tasked with moderating a panel—that she also put together—speaking to the benefits of edibles for the StarChefs 2016 International Chefs Congress. With this event being an assemblage of some of the culinary industry’s besta nd most distinguished, it goes without saying that cannabis can be viable in this particular area and its infusion is something to be taken very seriously.

Observer notes that McDonough’s panel included industry leaders such as Miguel Trinidad, Mindy Segal and Philip Wolf. The group fielded questions from the audience, discussed the effects and palatability of various strains, and much more.

McDonough sees the future of cannabis in the culinary world as another means of shifting the dialogue about the consumption of marijuana and also a way to shed old stigmas about its users. “Teaching chefs and hospitality professionals how to appreciate craft cannabis and hash serves to break down stereotypes about who uses this plant and how,” she tells Observer. 

McDonough also touches on the fact that with marijuana moving into the mainstream implementing it into menus will undoubtedly be a lucrative pursuit for restaurateurs, “After all, allowing patrons to smoke or vaporize cannabis during a meal or before being seated will pique their appetites and encourage increased spending, which creates another large revenue stream for the restaurant industry.”

This election day, your votes could affect so much more than you could have ever imagined.

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