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Watch The Stunning Trailer for “Blade Runner 2049”

Will Denis Villeneuve achieve the impossible?

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The word “cult film” is often thrown around casually, especially in the dire times we live in where what qualifies as a great film would have been regarded as a decent one twenty years ago. However, Blade Runner is still regarded as one of the best examples of a “cult film” ever. Even after countless repeat viewings, it’s unbelievable how many secrets the movie still harbours and the impact the film’s ending has on sci-fi nerds across the globe even today.

When news first dropped that a sequel to the 1982 film Blade Runner was in the works, it had the effect of a seismic wave among film aficionados. Attempting to follow up such a beloved film is a daunting task to say the least, and director Denis Villeneuve (best known for Sicario and Arrival) didn’t take it lightly. The only initial solace for fans was that at least Villeneuve wasn’t going the remake route, which is unfortunately what happens to many beloved sci-fi flicks such as The Thing (and there are even talks of an Escape from New York reboot).

In case you haven’t actually seen Blade Runner (which is highly unlikely), Harrison Ford plays Deckard, an ex-cop (a “blade runner”) tasked with eliminating replicants (robots posing as humans). Following a bloody mutiny on the Off World colony, he is called back from retirment and asked to track down more replicants.

Blade Runner 2049 takes us thirty years after Blade Runner, and finds LAPD officer K (played by Ryan Gosling) on a quest to find Deckard, the former blade runner and protagonist of the original film who has been missing for thirty years. From the looks of the teaser trailer, it seems that not only has Dennis Villeneuve completely appropriated the Blade Runner universe, but that he also understands it. It looks dark, visually dazzling and respectful of the original film. We might even go as far as to say that this could potentially be one of those rare cases where a sequel may actually hold a torch to its predecessor.

Villeneuve has assembled a wonderful cast, which includes Gosling, Harrison Ford, Jared Leto (the worst Joker by general consensus), Robin Wright, and Dave Bautista. The incredible Roger Deakins is shooting the film (whenever you see his name, you know the movie will look good) and Ridley Scott is on board as executive producer. Even if some may be disappointed that Scott isn’t helming the picture, we'll all be getting some Ridley magic soon witht the impending release of Alien: Covenant.

Blade Runner 2049 releases on October 6, 2017. Watch the trailer here

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