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Video: Throwback Thursday with Snoop Dogg and Conan O’Brien

Conan, Snoop and Andy talk favorite flower flavors.

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In this 2013 video, Snoop Dogg sits down with Conan to discuss his new line of vape pens called Snoop Dogg G Pen. They carry on a discussion of which oils and aroma’s Snoop enjoys, of which are eucalyptus, kush and Girl Scout cookies.

Snoop Dogg’s G Pen is a stylish cannabis vape pen that became available for purchase in early 2014. The pen displays a dark blue map of Long Beach, CA and features a discreet signature from Snoop himself. Though the pen isn’t made for oil, you can still feel the effects of flower through the combustion of ground cannabis that is put atop the heating element.

Though Conan jokes about how Snoop can’t talk about anything else but different names of marijuana, Conan has had his own hand in the Girl Scout cookies. In a 2014 Conan show, Conan, Larry King and Andy Richter split a pot brownie, in which they discuss the smoking habits of Snoop as more than excessive. Larry King expresses his admiration for Snoops ability to get him high off his second-hand exhalations.

So for anyone who hasn’t heard of Snoops G Pen or doesn’t know what type of cannabis Snoop really likes, this throwback video is for you.  

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