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Video: Rand Paul Stands for Medical Marijuana and State Rights

The Republican debate sparked discussion and confessions about marijuana.

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Marijuana legalization was a hot topic during the most recent GOP Debate. Immediately, Rand Paul took the spotlight to share his supportive view on marijuana legalization as a whole. Firstly, the candidate was adamant to explain his opinion that non-violent cannabis incarcerations as well as the War on Drugs overall has led to a seriously imbalanced racial outcome. 

He continued on to share that he "doesn't think the federal government should override the states," defending his position if he were to be elected into office. 

When the moderator suggested Rand Paul face Jeb Bush, he was quick to lay down his viewpoint.

"In Florida, Governor Bush is campaigning against medical marijuana. That means that a small child like Morgan Hintz, who has 500 seizures a day and is failing on nine traditional medications, is not allowed to use cannabis oil. And if they attempt to do that in Florida, they will take the child away, put the parents in jail, and that's what that means if you're against allowing people to use medical marijuana, you'll actually put them in jail." 

Jeb Bush went on to admit that he has smoked marijuana before. Rand Paul then entered into debate with Chris Christie who is adamantly against recreational legalization. Watch the entire clip of the debate above. 

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