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Video Original: Smoke In The Kitchen: New Years Special

Mama Sailene shows us how to bring in the New Year in a special, creative and delicious way.

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Mama Sailene wants to help you bring in the new year the best way she knows how: with cannabis and cuisine. She’s in the MERRY JANE kitchen whipping up some delicious deviled eggs, and you are going to want to eat your screen after you see the finished product. They aren’t just your average deviled eggs, though—they’re stuffed with crab! Mama Sailene pairs this delicious hors d’oeuvre with the cannabis strain: Lemon Skunk. The citrus flavors pair perfectly with the crab, almost as if you’re squeezing a fresh lemon on your crab.

All you need is:

6 eggs, hardboiled, peeled, halved.

4 ounces fresh lump crabmeat

2 Tablespoons mayonnaise

1 Tablespoon Dijon mustard

1 teaspoon each fresh dill and chives, chopped

Tabasco sauce (to taste; err conservatively since the heat can be adjusted)

Salt to taste (optional)

All you need to do is:

Separate the yolks from the eggs. Mix the yolks--gently, please--with the other ingredients.

Re-stuff the mixture into the egg whites, adjust the seasoning, garnish with some chives and dill, and eat.

Try this recipe; your guests will be glad you did! 

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