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Video Original: GGN with Post Malone

Sit down with Snoop Dogg and Post Malone for a crazy conversation that’s iconic in so many ways.

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If you don’t know who Post Malone is you probably live under a rock. The Texas native is young but already making a name for himself with his hit “White Iverson”. The song took the world by storm and literally made him, in Twista’s words, an overnight celebrity.

Believe it or not, Post Malone got his musical inspiration from a game that everybody and their mother had in their house: Guitar Hero. Post Malone tells Snoop how once he reached the expert levels and couldn’t exceed that “talent,” he decided he wanted to play a real guitar and asked his mom to get him one for Christmas—only to quickly realize that it wasn’t going to be an easy transition. So thanks Guitar Hero, without you this couldn’t of ever been done.

Aside from the Guitar Hero inspiration, Post Malone was brought up on an eclectic assortment of music. His dad raised him on Metallica, NWA and, of course, Snoop Dogg. With the array of music he grew up listening to, Post Malone started making his own beats (by illegally downloading FL Studio 7) by taking the rock influence he was raised on and merging it with hip hop, and the rest is history from there. And little do people know, Post Malone was an undiscovered internet star before he blew up with “White Iverson”.

Keep your eyes open because big things are happening in Post Malone’s world. His album is coming out in March and he’s going on tour with Fetty Wap (which even Snoop knows will be one of the hottest tours). But get your tickets quick ‘cause it’s no surprise that a lot of the shows are already selling out.

Watch Post Malone’s episode of GGN above and delve deep into how he became the musician he is today.

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