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Video Original: Deflowered with Chris Sayegh

From college drop out to chef cultivating cannabis infused cuisine.

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“You are 100% responsible for everything that happens to you.” That’s the mantra The Herbal Chef Chris Sayegh lives by.

In this episode of Deflowered, Sayegh shares his journey from college dropout to celebrity chef.

With his gourmet THC-infused dishes, Sayegh is working to change the perception of cannabis culture from the inside. This includes catered dinners with educational sessions about cannabis dosing, edibles, as well as pairing information about wine and liquor choices.

Deflowered is a MERRY JANE original series that unveils an intimate look at the lives of artists and society's influential figures that have been touched by cannabis and its culture.

Each episode poses a unique look into a monumental "first time" for our guests - a vital moment in their careers, inspirations and outlook. Deflowered brings new light to the vast array of people within cannabis culture.

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