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Video Original: Deflowered with BJ the Chicago Kid

BJ the Chicago Kid takes us to church on this episode of Deflowered.

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Join us for this episode of Deflowered with BJ the Chicago Kid.

BJ sat down with us and spoke about the first time he realized that music was his true calling. Like a lot of musical artists, BJ's mother was his first major musical infleunce - playing music all the time in their family home. 

Then one day, BJ’s mother made him sing in front of everyone at church. His mother made him and his brothers sing with her because she thought if she had to sing at church then her sons will too - basically, his mom needed back up vocals and her sons were her best option. She taught them the lyrics in the back of the car parked in front of the church moments before their performance. BJ remembers the part his mother gave him was easy and most importantly enjoyable for him to do. That was the moment that changed everything.

Take a seat and share this intimate moment with us on this episode of Deflowered.

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