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Video: Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg Prep For 'American Ultra'

Two of our favorite actors sit down and get green for their new movie.

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Put Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg in a room with a bunch of colored markers, and you already know this video is going to be weird. Now do all that, and make them talk about marijuana?

Woah, BuzzFeed. Woah.

Wondering why these two celebrity actors are discussing your favorite flower? The co-stars are on a run to promote their new movie, "American Ultra," a movie in which Jesse Eisenberg plays a small-town smoker with an affinity for writing a comic book about a monkey and of course, smoking cannabis. Kristen Stewart plays his girlfriend - and eventually, sidekick - when Eisenberg's character discovers he's actually a CIA agent who now has to fight for his life. We're hoping that Jesse and Kristen were able to actually share some cannabis to, you know, properly prepare for their roles.

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