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Video: Bow Wow Tells Us Where ‘The Dab’ Came From and People are Begging to Differ

The dance move has taken over the Internet and Bow Wow attempted to explain where the move started.

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Let’s talk about dabs.

We first saw “the dab,” a newly popular dance move or pose, when Cam Newton scored a touch down and ever since, the move has taken the world by storm. Bow Wow recently took to social media to share his theory about the origin of the dab to his audience, and while it was somewhat believable, people were quick to set his theory straight. Rappers like Migos and Rich The Kid were quick to inform Bow Wow that the dab movement started in Atlanta, and even made comments like, "Bow wow must of got a little too high this morning. 😂😂"

In the video, Bow Wow explains that the dance move derives from what your body language looks like right after you take a hit of a marijuana dab. For those that don't know, marijuana dabs typically make people cough … a lot. Bow Wow explains that when you are coughing after taking a dab you cough into your elbow so the sound isn’t so loud. It makes sense, but it's probably unlikely that this is where the dance move started.

It’s interesting to think about, and we want to know: where do you think this dance move really comes from? 

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