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Valentine’s Day Is Causing a Cannabis Industry Sales Surge

Who wants milk chocolate when you can express your love with marijuana-infused edibles, a bouquet of buds, or a heart made entirely out of hash?

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Roses are red, violets are blue, ganja is green, and money is too. Whether you’re cuddled up with bae or spending all afternoon scrolling through Tinder, Valentine’s Day is always best spent puffing a few joints, and for dispensaries across America’s legal weed market, the lover’s holiday has been all roses, carrying a significant sales increase and some clever deals.

According to Green Market Report and Colorado-based cannabis sales software Flowhub, sales the weekend before Valentine’s Day spiked 22% this year, with edible sales (yes, chocolate included) up more than 40% from last year.

And while it would appear that cannabis users need no help finding gifts for their 420-friendly significant others, that hasn’t stopped dispensaries from letting the love flow freely, offering specially crafted Valentine’s Day products and targeted discounts.



Looking for a little something for you #love this #Valentines #Day? Grab a #bouquet 💐 of #flowers 🌺 add it to a heart ❤️ mug and #taadaa 3 pack of pre rolls and mugs while supplies last. #mustbe21orolder

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In Sin City, the Las Vegas Sun reports that The+Source Dispensary will be offering Valentine’s Day customers who refer their friends (plutonic or otherwise) to the shop a chance to win a post-holiday dinner for two, complete with candle lighting and a bouquet of bud.

“Valentine’s Day is a social holiday and marijuana is something that’s best enjoyed with other people,” The+Source spokesman Dan Zarrella told the Sun. “We want to celebrate this thing together.”

Trying to lay off the sweets? Los Angeles-based Jungle Boys has you covered. Replace a tired box of chocolates with a few hearts and roses molded entirely out of hash rosin, available in eighth-of-an-ounce chunks for as many V-Day dabs as you and your boo can handle.



We made these Baller Hearts for those who want to be extra kind to their Valentine this year, Wedding Cake 8th (3.5g) Hearts are now available @tlccollective_ ❤ 😛 We also have 1 gram Hearts dropping next week so keep an 👀 out! #squishingthatfire #jungleboysrosin #jungleboys #playingwithfire #tlccollective

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No matter how you spend it, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the ones you love, even if that just means your local budtender. So whether you’re playing hooky from work to spend all day in bed, or just waiting for next year to find true romance, fire up your favorite strain and profess your feelings for Mary Jane.

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