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In Uruguay, Debate Rages Over the Impact of Legalization

Wide World of Cannabis explores lingering issues in the trailblazing South American country.

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In 2013, Uruguay became the first country in the world to completely legalize marijuana. Since then, the cannabis community has kept a close eye on the South American country to examine the impact at every level of society.

In this episode of Wide World of Cannabis, we pick up where we left off in Uruguay for Part I and Part II and explore the positives, negatives, and lingering questions about the law, from the perspective of both supporters and opponents.

Does the law cut down on drug trafficking violence or actually encourage it? How does a law that doesn’t apply to foreigners affect tourists and the black market? Check out the full video to see what issues remain unresolved.

Wide World of Cannabis is a MERRY JANE original series profiling far-flung parts of the world and how they have cultivated their own unique relationship with marijuana.

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