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Tyler, the Creator Releases Trailer for 'Cherry Bomb The Documentary'

The 45-minute film showcases the creative process behind the outspoken Odd Future leader's latest album “Cherry Bomb”.

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When the California-based hip hop collective Odd Future first rose to prominence back in 2010, the group largely represented edgy teenagers looking to unearth the version of themselves that give no fucks. Led by rapper and producer Tyler, the Creator, OFWGKTA developed a cultish following over the years, while a number of members, such as Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt, have been propelled into a limelight of their own.

Nowadays, the collective has all but gone their separate ways career-wise, but nonetheless, Tyler has remained true to his goofy and outspoken self. Though his latest album Cherry Bomb is undoubtedly his most mature and cohesive work as a solo artist, the process of creating the album seems to follow suit with Tyler’s outspoken and fluorescent lifestyle. Now, the California-based rapper is giving fans an inside look at his creative process with Cherry Bomb The Documentary, a 45-minute film that follows Tyler, the Creator throughout the making of his 2015 album. 

Created by the production crew Illegal Civilization, the documentary provides a behind-the-scene look at the creative process that went into making Cherry Bomb. In the recently released trailer, Tyler sings to an orchestra, plays away at the piano, and gleefully instructs collaborating musicians on what he’s looking for. All the while, the serious nature of the album’s creative process is met with that classic Odd Future silliness and debauchery, making for what looks like a fun and informative film. 

The documentary includes appearances by Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Pharrell, Lil Wayne, and other big names from the hip hop world. All in all, the documentary looks to offer exclusive access to the artist’s methods of creative madness. Cherry Bomb The Documentary is scheduled to be released in January 2017. Until then, you can take a quick peek into Tyler, the Creator’s world through the movie trailer.  

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