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Ty Beall’s “Gospel” Part Deserves a Sunday Skate Sermon

Blue-collared skateboarding and country music at their finest.

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Scumco And Sons pro and proud Bust Crew represenatative Ty Beall is a blue-collared skateboarding beast.

The man skates it all with rugged and tough-built style and esteem. Together with Virginia’s Venue Skateshop, and supporting homies like Gilbert Crockett, the Richmond-bred skater handles serious business in his incredible Gospel video part. 

No drops, ledges, stairs, or thread-the-needle gaps are safe in this slow-simmering edit. Ernest Tubb’s country tune “Saturday Satan, Sunday Saint” soundtracks the part perfectly, working the saint and sinner dichotomy as a quiet storm of shredding goes on in front of your very eyes.

Support the Ty, his homies, and Gospel filmer Will Rosenstock by purchasing a copy for a mere $12 here.

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