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The Trippiest Political Gifs You’ll Ever See Tell the Story of the 2016 Election

There’s no debate (even though there is and you should totally watch it).

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Why hello there, traveller. I see you’ve had your fill of the trippiest food gifs and geometric shape gifs and returned for more “Whoa, Man”—that recurring series of images, videos, and gifs that are all kinds of whoa, free of charge.

But what are you thinking?! Don’t you know that the first presidential debate is on Monday and we’re less than 50 days away from the super important 2016 election? We don’t have time for psychadelic this, or trippy that! I haven’t made up my mind yet! I’m an undecided voter! (Just kidding. I made up my mind the first time Trump ran for president back in 2000, and it’s still a hard “NOPE!”)

Oh fine, I’ll give you my gifs, on one condition: You’ll vote in the general election. I mean it! Put down the vape pen for two seconds and register to vote! In most states, there’s still plenty of time! As a matter of fact, I’ll wait while you get to it….

Now that you’ve registered...onto the gifs! Warning: Bad trips may ensue.

First, we must give Obama a proper farewell. Here’s him being sworn in back in 2008.

You could always tell Barry wanted to be Commander-in-Chief

Here he is now. Go ahead. Ask President Obama any question.

Great. You scared him AND Veep Biden off.

Some people always gotta be cynical.

Although, things were looking pretty rough for the GOP during Primary season.

Until the party nominated the most responsible, experienced candidate.

Just kidding. They nominated a neo-fascist, sentient piece of Kung Pao chicken.

Before 2015, the khaki-colored candidate was best known for the complex structure ambitiously aimed at defying both gravity and obvious baldness sitting atop his head. 

Until he had a makeover….

And turned into a professional wall enthusiast.

On the Democratic side, we have a competent, experienced leader who fights for social justice and rights for marginalized people.

I’m not saying she’s perfect.

In fact, she can be pretty damn awkward.

And for former Bernie Sanders supporters, her campaign must feel a little overwhelming.

But I would still be totally psyched to have her in office.

And who says she can’t get a little weird?

The White House is already a chaotic place.

The first debate is Monday, and I’m sure you’re already imagining what it will be like in Trump’s mind.

But all Hillary has got to do is put her hater-blockers on.

Because when she wins, Trump will claim the election was rigged anyway.

Hey, before you go, DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!!!

Are you over 18?