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Tools That Will Help You Perfect Your Cannabis Experience

Keep track of what works for you!

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Did you know that cannabinoids are biphasic? This means the same product produces different effects depending on your dose. Too much THC may worsen pain, but the right amount will deliver you from distress. Too much CBD may leave you feeling lethargic and sleepy, while smaller hits provide more energizing returns. Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different. What works for you may not work for someone else. Once you factor in your tolerance, mood, appetite, and sleep habits, alongside other aspects of your personal chemistry, you’ll notice how different circumstances determine how you feel while consuming.

The truth is, it’s easy to dose too heavily, which can easily induce anxiety. Most of us have experienced this type of discomfort at one time or another. Just one puff of a joint can translate to 10mgs of THC, or more. That’s enough to send most people to outer space. And, we all have stories of that brownie that got us a bit too high. When it comes to consuming cannabis, finding your sweet spot isn’t always a simple process, especially with the countless forms and origins of cannabis on the market today. Luckily, there are tools available to help achieve greater results and maximize every cannabis experience.

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